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Myth Adventures: Five Greek Classics

Myth Adventures: Five Greek Classics

By Eric Coble.

Product Code: ME9000

  • Full-length Play
  • Comedy | Drama
  • Cast size: 5 to 26 actors.

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$10.95 /script

Min. Royalty Rate: $100/perf

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In a whirlwind of thrills and comedy, journey into the ancient world of Greek mythology with some of the greatest characters ever to grace a stage. Do you dare to shake hands with King Midas? Or find yourself, like poor Echo, in the middle of the ultimate marriage battle between the king and queen of the gods? And why can't Narcissus pull himself away from that pool of water? Follow the world's greatest musician, Orpheus, on his quest for the one thing his music can't do—bring back his dead love Euridice. Can his art save him in his journey to the Underworld where he'll face Charon, the undead boastman, Cerberus, the three-headed hound, and Hades, the twisted King of the Dead himself? And when you're the son of the most famous inventor in history, how do you make a name for yourself? Icarus only has minutes to figure it out once he's locked in a tower with his absent-minded father, Daedalus. Just how high can you fly before you fall? Then it's time to follow Theseus as he tracks down the horrifying minotaur in the labyrinth. He's determined to be a true hero, but will he survive long enough for the world to even remember his name? Taken as separate one acts, or as a full-length play, Myth Adventures is a fresh look at classic legends which sold out 50 performances in its premiere at the Cleveland Play House. Approximate running time: 90 minutes as a full-length play (15 minutes for each one-act).


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  • Status

    In stock

  • Type of Show Full-length Play
  • Product Code ME9000
  • Cast Size 5
  • Min. Royalty Rate $100/perf
  • Cost $10.95
  • Approx. Run Time 90 min


  • Target Audience Middle School | High School
  • Performing Group Middle School | High School | College Theatre | Community Theatre | Professional Theatre
  • Genre Comedy | Drama
  • ISBN(13) 9781583424063
* Please note the royalty rate listed is the minimum royalty rate per performance. The actual royalty rate will be determined upon completion of a royalty application.

Customer Reviews

"Myth Adventures was a perfect piece for our actors. They were able to help direct some scenes as it easily breaks into five parts. Rehearsals were easy to schedule within class time as they could work on all scenes at the same time in their small groups. "
Review by Katelyn Lick, STARS Charter, Vass, N.C.
"Myth Adventures was a great show to use for a large cast. It allowed for innovation in lighting and sound as well as staging (23 actors in a space designed for about half of that). It turned out to be a great pick!"
Review by Rick Clark, Village Academy, Powell, Ohio
"It was a great piece to allow for multiple student directors. Each took a different approach which made for a cool collection of plays."
Review by Winston Sims, Marvin Ridge High School, Waxhaw, NC

Production Map

Location City State Opens Closes
Discovery Middle School Liberty Missouri 11/5/2020 11/13/2020