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Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19 Response

Can I reschedule/postpone my production?

We are able to reschedule or postpone performances for the vast majority of our titles. Our licensing department will have to check the availability of rights in your geographical area for any restricted titles. Please contact our customer service department by phone at (800) 448-7469 or by email at to make changes to your performance dates. Productions can be postponed until further notice if you have not yet selected your new performance dates. Royalty fees previously paid will be applied to the rescheduled production.

Can I livestream my performances?

Please click here to view some commonly asked questions about livestreaming.

Most requests for livestreaming performances are being handled on a case-by-case basis. To make a livestream request, please complete this form.

Please note that videotaping performances and posting the recording online is different from livestreaming; all requests to do this will need to be submitted for approval.

In addition, even if you have reached out directly to the authors and received approval to stream, there may be contractual conflicts with existing audio-visual grants we need to clear.

For a list of some of our more popular titles with livestream permissions, click here.

Do you have any digital scripts available?

Yes! We now have many scripts available in a digital format for perusal, classroom, and performance use. This is a new feature, and we are adding more scripts to this category on a regular basis.

If you would like to purchase a digital script, please contact our customer service department by phone at (800) 448-7469 or by email at and include the title and product code. 

For a list of titles that are currently available digitally, click here.

If you don't see a particular title you are looking for in this list, please complete this brief Digital Script Request Form.

Will I receive a late fee for not sending my rental package materials back on time?

No, we are not imposing late fees on organizations for rental materials that are not returned on time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please return your rental materials as soon as you are safely able to do so. If you have requested a refund for royalty fees, please note that we will not be able to issue your refund until after we have received the return of the rental materials.

What should I do with the rental package I already received for my postponed production?

If you've postponed your production, please hold on to your rental materials until after your production is complete and return them as you normally would (within 30 days).

Can I return my scripts that I didn't end up using?

We do not accept returns or offer refunds on playbooks or digital script purchases.