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By Vin Morreale Jr.

Product Code: U24000

  • One-act Play
  • Comedy | Drama | Farce | Melodrama | Satire
  • Cast size: 3m., 6w., extras as desired.

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$10.95 /script

Min. Royalty Rate: $55/perf

In stock


As the first play in the innovative River Ridge High series, this one-act teen comedy combines all the fast-paced hilarity of the movie Clueless with social issues familiar to anyone who has ever experienced the unique trauma of growing up and going to school. Jenny is part of the popular crowd that rules the school, while Beth is the new girl trying desperately to fit in. Together they must come to terms with what it means to be cool, what is uncool and why it is so important to simply be yourself. Issues of self-worth, mutual respect and tolerance of those who are different are explored against a backdrop of humorous teen-oriented dialogue that will leave audiences dizzy with laughter.


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  • Status

    In stock

  • Type of Show One-act Play
  • Product Code U24000
  • Cast Size 9
  • Min. Royalty Rate $55/perf
  • Cost $10.95
  • Approx. Run Time 45 min


  • Target Audience Young Audiences | Middle School | High School | College and Adult | Family (all ages)
  • Performing Group Middle School | High School | TYA | Touring Group | Dinner Theatre
  • Genre Comedy | Drama | Farce | Melodrama | Satire
  • ISBN(13) 9780871298287
* Please note the royalty rate listed is the minimum royalty rate per performance. The actual royalty rate will be determined upon completion of a royalty application.

Customer Reviews

"This was a great one act about bullying and how a lot of it just comes from not knowing things about each other and how similar high school students can be. "
Review by Jason Lehman, Jackson High School, Jackson, Ga.
"Appropriate for teenage actors and audience. Also, many adults expressed appreciation for the message about treating other people as "uncool" or outcasts."
Review by P. Polasky, Fosston High School, Fosston, MN
"At Wilson, "Uncool" was well received as a fun way to make a strong statement about how students thoughtlessly treat each other day-to-day. For the actors, there were a variety of age-appropriate characters to create. For the actors and audience, Vin Morreale's understanding of adolescence, the use of contemporary language, and his use of humor made this a very popular play!"
Review by Marianne Krahulec, Wilson Middle School, Carlisle, PA
"Uncool was a great play with a wonderful message regarding the power of words. Students learned that you can't judge people based on looks alone -- that they may have more to offer than meets the eye."
Review by Cynthia Winters, Lamar Middle School, Austin, TX
"This show fit in perfectly with our anti-bullying curriculum! It's a nice ensemble piece!"
Review by Nate Campbell, Badger Ridge Middle School, Verona, Wis.
"Uncool is a great play for middle school. Bullying is an issue in middle school and this play puts harsh words and put-downs into perspective in a "cool" way. The students have really enjoyed Uncool."
Review by Kathy Stewart, Woodville, I.S.D., Woodville, Texas

Hints, Tips, and Tricks

"We used the song in the show, but the actor sang it a capella. It was quite moving and very effective."
Tip by Randy Burse, Gallatin High School, Gallatin, Tenn.