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Our Miss Brooks

Our Miss Brooks

By R.J. Mann. Adapted by Christopher Sergel.

Product Code: O25000

  • Full-length Play
  • Comedy
  • Cast size: 5m., 12w.

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$11.95 /script

Min. Royalty Rate: $110/perf

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Miss Brooks has plenty of teacher troubles and her "escape" is in dreaming about her vacation. She has travel folders on several Caribbean cruises which she discusses with the athletic coach who owns his own little sailboat. Miss Brooks suddenly sees that perhaps he's "the man" for her. She's glad she isn't putting on the school play this year so she won't have to fight him for use of the gym. Then the ax falls. The play is thrust upon her! A battle royal develops. The coach's star athlete Ted gives up the team to play the leading boy's part. The daughter of the school board president is determined to play opposite him but she reads her lines so poorly that Miss Brooks gives the role to an attractive nobody with real talent.


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  • Status

    In stock

  • Type of Show Full-length Play
  • Product Code O25000
  • Cast Size 17
  • Min. Royalty Rate $110/perf
  • Cost $11.95
  • Approx. Run Time 110 min


  • Target Audience Middle School | High School | Family (all ages)
  • Performing Group Middle School | High School | College Theatre | Community Theatre
  • Genre Comedy
  • ISBN(13) 9780871292537
* Please note the royalty rate listed is the minimum royalty rate per performance. The actual royalty rate will be determined upon completion of a royalty application.

Customer Reviews

"This is my second time directing this show! It is great to do with High Schools students. Relatable and funny! The set is very easy to work with, great for a theatre company with a budget."
Review by Kenneth Baumann, Redding Performing Arts Center, Redding, Calif.
"This was a very well received show. We chose to do it mainly as a way to get more young people involved in our fall production and we figured it would have some nostalgia value for those who remembered the TV or radio show, but did not have super high expectations. We ended up selling a few more tickets than we expected (~80 per show) and people seemed to genuinely be laughing and having a good time. This was a great way to kick off our new season."
Review by Jove Graham, RiverStage Community Theatre, Lewisburg, Pa.
"This play has been a ball to do. My students have had fun and so have I. Also, it was such a wonderful insight into life in the '50s. Finally, the coach's speech at the end almost seems prophetic."
Review by Drama Director, William T. Dwyer High School, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
"It's a fun step back into a 1950's classroom. Our Miss Brooks provided today's students an opportunity to see school life during a simpler time."
Review by Jillynne Raymond, Red Wing High School, Red Wing, MN
"Timeless, easily adaptable to today, with themes that cross generations ... love, friendships, and the stress of daily living at any age. Our Miss Brooks is a delightful journey to high school."
Review by Teresa Fisher, Grundy Center High School, Grundy Center, IA
"A rousing success. A wonderful comedy, the audience was in an uproar with laughter. A must-do comedy."
Review by Art Roberson, North Love Christian School, Rockford, Ill.
"Highly entertaining. You would think it was written specifically for our school."
Review by Jonathan Dyck, Landmark Collegiate, Landmark, Manitoba, Canada
"Our Miss Brooks was a rousing success. Our dessert theatre production brought in the most revenue ever, and people are still referring to the actors by their character names. The cast, audience and the director (me!) had a wonderful, memorable evening."
Review by Claire Teague, Tacoma Baptist Schools, Tacoma, Wash.
"Written in 1950, Our Miss Brooks is still very true of the conflicts, competition for students' interest and time, and portrayal of adults as nothing more than other kids. I laughed till I cried sometimes."
Review by Sharon Pfaff, Melrose Mindoro High School, Melrose, Wis.
"I have done Our Miss Brooks three times. It is wonderful, easy and so cute. I love it! The students have so much fun with it, too. It's timeless."
Review by Kelly Hoyle, North Mecklenburg HS, Huntersville, N.C.
"Our Miss Brooks was a funny 3-act play, which fit all of our needsÑa large cast, high school setting (our students are 4th-10th grades), a variety of possibilities, etc. We loved it!"
Review by Deborah Johnson, Stage Lefters, Dayton, Ohio
"This was an extremely fun show to produce. The cast had a blast rehearsing and performing this play. The show took many audience members down memory lane as they either remembered what it was like to be in school in the 1950's or remembered the "Miss Brooks" radio shows."
Review by Lex Rhoadarmer, Clearwater High School, Clearwater, Kan.
"A delightful showÑfor novice or advancedÑcute, fun (and funny)."
Review by Ben Johnston, Longview Christian School, Longview, Texas
"I've been directing high school plays for almost three decades and have done Our Miss Brooks three times. It's easy to direct with minimal furnishings and props. It's always been a big hit with students and especially audiences. It's one of my favorites."
Review by Larry Sheaf, North Lebanon High School, Fredricksburg, Pa.
"This is a wonderful play selection for all levels of actor and director. Easily accessible roles and a unit set make it perfect for new drama teachers and growing programs, but there's enough complexity to make it satisfying for more experienced artists."
Review by Henry Hamilton, The Benjamin School, North Palm Beach, Fla.
"The student actors had a great time creating the characters and telling the story of Miss Brooks and her colleagues and students. The show was successful enough to be selected as a "featured full-length" production at the 2008 Ohio Educational Theatre Association State Conference."
Review by A. D. Benoit, Groveport-Madison High School, Groveport, Ohio
"Our kids had a blast with Our Miss Brooks. It was a simple play to put on with a lot of good humor. Our audiences had a great time, and we received amazing feedback from school board members and the administration."
Review by Drama Director, Franklin Heights High School, Columbus, Ohio
"This is one of our most delightful productions. Great roles for experienced actors with smaller roles for new actors. Many roles allowed for the actor's creativity to develop entertaining characters. It was well received by students, parents and faculty."
Review by Diane King, Fresta Valley Christian School, Marshall, Va.
"Our Miss Brooks is a fun, lighthearted homage to Americana in the 1950s. Students and audiences love the story, characters and themes of the show."
Review by Daniel Konopasek, Heritage Christian School, Milwaukee, Wis.
"This is a great play! The kids loved it and the audience loved it. It was perfect for our small school, giving an opportunity for a good number of students to be involved."
Review by Nancy Frey, Victory Christian School, Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, N.M.

Hints, Tips, and Tricks

"This is a show that needs a lot of younger people, and repeated rehearsal with the props and sound effects to make some of the comedic bits work. For example there's a recurring gag where props get carried offstage and then there's offstage crashing and this does not work without lots of attention to detail and repetition."
Tip by Jove Graham, RiverStage Community Theatre, Lewisburg, Pa.
"We set this play in 1958 and included 1950's costumesÑpoodle skirts, saddle oxfords, "pencil" dresses, etc. It helped the students get into character. We also did a dessert theatre and played 50's music. It was fun for all!"
Tip by Deborah Johnson, Stage Lefters, Dayton, Ohio
"We had some fun using musical underscoring during "romantic" moments between Miss Brooks and Coach Longacre."
Tip by A. D. Benoit, Groveport-Madison High School, Groveport, Ohio

Production Map

Location City State Opens Closes
Harvest Christian Academy Barrigada Guam 4/5/2024 4/6/2024