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Book and lyrics by John Scoullar. Music by Rick Cummins. From the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Product Code: L06000

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The Little Prince

Available Rental Packages

Rental packages may be ordered once a performance application for this title has been submitted and approved.

Package Name

Package #1

  • (12) Piano,Vocal Score
Deposit: $100.00

Package #2

  • (12) Piano,Vocal Score
  • (1) Bass in C Score
  • (1) Percussion Score
Deposit: $100.00

Available Items for Perusal

The items listed below can be ordered for perusal prior to ordering a full rental package.

Additional Rental Items

CDs (if applicable) and Extra Scores

The following items are available to rent in addition to a chosen rental package:
The Little Prince (musical) - Rehearsal and Sound Effects CD Set Bass in C Score Percussion Score Piano,Vocal Score (Available for perusal)

CDs are $100 each and extra scores are $25 each.

Rental Package Details

Rental and perusal materials are the property of Dramatic Publishing. Ultimately, all rented/perused materials MUST be returned to our office.

Perusal Scores

One copy of the selected score may be perused by an organization possessing no more than a single reading script. The score must be returned within 30 days. Any perusal score not returned by the due date indicated on your invoice will be subject to a replacement fee of no less than $25.00.

Rental Packages

A security deposit is required under the following conditions: if a cast quantity of scripts has been purchased; if the individual requesting the perusal score/item is not affiliated with a school/organization; if the perusal score/item is kept for eventual production. Once the deposit has been paid, you may use the package for up to 12 weeks prior to your first performance date through the duration of your production. The package must be returned upon completion of your production. Any rental package not returned by the due date indicated on your invoice will be subject to a replacement fee of no less than $25.00 per score.

Returning Rented/Perused Items

Items MUST be returned via insured shipping method. All shipping and handling fees are paid by the customer. Each item is valued at $25.00. All rental materials returned to our office are immediately evaluated for condition. We reserve the right to charge a fair and reasonable fee, not to exceed the publisher's “insured value,” for each rental item deemed damaged or destroyed. Damaged items are those which have excessive pencil markings, water marks or other markings which require the replacement of a large section or sections of the score. Destroyed items are those which cannot be returned to stock for future use.