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Bringing the Word Alive - Children's Writings: Process to Performance

Bringing the Word Alive - Children's Writings: Process to Performance


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Along with the popularity of programs in playwriting for young people is another art form: taking the kinds of writing that usually come more naturally to youngsters—personal narratives, stories, journals, poems, writings in which children are often at their most spontaneous and authentic—and using them as the raw material for performance. This book is about developing that art form and bringing together the voices of many children to achieve a collective dramatic work for the stage or the classroom. The authors share their extensive experience in helping bring these achievements about—initiating the writing, creating the collage, and bringing the children's words alive on stage. They deal with ways to expand the ideas of very young writers who think and imagine faster than they can write. They point out the links to learning that are all important in making a success of such programs in the schools and outline workshops for children and for teachers. Abundantly illustrated with photographs and examples of children's writings and art, Bringing the Word Alive gives you all the material you need to put together a successful program for young writers. 6x9—154 pages, illustrated.