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Stories to Dramatize

Stories to Dramatize


  • Author(s) By Winifred Ward. Reprinted with a new foreword by Agnes Haaga.
  • Product Type Book
  • Product Code SW5000
  • ISBN(13) 9780876020210
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A collection of one hundred well-loved stories for young people, designed for use by teachers, recreation leaders, children's theatre directors and others in the teaching of creative drama through improvisation. Prefaced by three chapters of instruction on the use of this material including: Creative Drama and Its Objectives, The Choice of Material and How to Dramatize a Story. Stories are grouped according to age level (ages 5 to 7, ages 8 to 9, ages 10 to11, and ages 12 to 14). Each story is introduced by suggestions for its use. The stories have a high potential of dramatic content, which makes them especially enjoyable for reading and telling. This book is great for use with younger children in the classroom or at home. Soft cover. 6 x 9—389 pages.