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Teaching Teachers to Use Drama

Teaching Teachers to Use Drama


  • Author(s) By Barbara Goodwillie. Text for drama specialists teaching courses and workshops for pre-service and in-service teachers.
  • Product Type Book
  • Product Code TK1000
  • ISBN(13) 9781619590410
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With the emphasis on standards of learning and test scores, it's harder than ever to keep the arts in the elementary classroom. But as some options dry up, others blossom. Currently arts specialists are being called on to share their expertise with education majors and teachers, bringing the arts to a wider range of children through daily school activities. Barbara Goodwillie pioneered a course to do just that at Central Connecticut State University some years ago, and in this compact book she shares her discoveries along the way—how to make a creative community out of insecure or even antagonistic adults, how to help them tie drama activities into the curricula they will be teaching, how to turn them into confident leaders. Teaching Teachers outlines a philosophy for teaching drama as well as a syllabus of the progression she uses in a semester course. It offers strategies for achieving the maximum impact in workshops where you have only a day or two to give teachers the confidence to begin using drama. There are sections on using physical challenges to build group spirit, ways to tap into the creativity every student has, methods for measuring their growth, and answers to frequently asked questions. Teaching Teachers is full of resources for everyone who brings drama to the classroom and wants new ideas for filling it with fun and laughter. 7x8 1/2—72 pages.