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By Lorraine Thompson.

Product Code: S1B000

  • One-act Play
  • Comedy
  • Cast size: 7 to 45 actors.

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$9.95 /script

Min. Royalty Rate: $40/perf

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A wise woman enters carrying a large book titled Storyville. She crosses to center stage, sits and addresses the audience. "Storyville is the town where everyone has a fable to unfold and a tale to tell. Stories are different, but they all begin with 'Once upon a time...'" Numerous players enter, all talking at once until the wise woman signals to the audience, blows her whistle and starts the procession of stories with the Lion King and his bad breath. When given the opportunity, most people will jump at the chance to tell their story. The characters in this one-act play are no different. You see, everyone in Storyville has a tale to tell. The problem is, they all want to talk at the same time. Other tales include a farmer and his family who felt their house was too small until the wise woman solved their problem; the Gingerbread Boy; a vain, rich woman who wanted attention until she got it with a dress of rags; a little red hen who refused to share her bread with her friends who had refused to help her raise the grain; and a farmer who needed help to pull up a big turnip (asking children in the audience for help). Adults and children alike will take delight as many of their favorite characters come forward on stage to share their stories. Other characters include five fishermen who thought one had drowned when each one doing the counting failed to count himself; followed by Chicken Licken, who thought the sky was falling; and finally Foxy Loxy, who was outwitting several of the others when all the characters rush on stage trying to say the last line to each of the stories. The wise woman says that there is only one way to end all good stories and asks the audience to chant, "They all lived happily ever after." She closes the book as she says, "The end."


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  • Status

    In stock

  • Type of Show One-act Play
  • Product Code S1B000
  • Cast Size 7
  • Min. Royalty Rate $40/perf
  • Cost $9.95
  • Approx. Run Time 40 min


  • Target Audience Young Audiences | Middle School | Family (all ages)
  • Performing Group Elementary School | Middle School | High School | Touring Group
  • Genre Comedy
  • ISBN(13) 9780886804947
* Please note the royalty rate listed is the minimum royalty rate per performance. The actual royalty rate will be determined upon completion of a royalty application.

Customer Reviews

"This play was so much fun for my 7th graders! There are no true "lead roles," which took pressure off the students to have to have a ton of lines. The play is fast paced and silly, and my 7th graders had a great time! The audience loved the simplicity and fun of it."
Review by Sierra Maxwell, Trickum Middle School, Lilburn, Ga.
"We performed this show with grades 4-8 and all of the kids involved absolutely LOVED it. It appeals to a wide range of audiences, and the adults in the audience loved it just as much as the kids! It's great for a school show because you can do it in a way that gets LOTS of kids involved without anyone really being a lead, or you can do it with a small workshop sized group. It's such a fun and versatile show!"
Review by Joy Blackburn, Orangeville Christian School, Orangeville, Ontario
"This play was perfect for an elementary audience. It does not have lengthy memorization but give all characters a good amount of stage presence ..."
Review by Bonnie Bibeau, Ridge Ranch Elementary, Paramus, N.J.
"The show was the perfect length and style for my 9th grade Advanced Drama class. They fell in love with the humor and storytelling."
Review by Logan Kelley, North Ogden Junior High, North Ogden, Utah


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Topeka Civic Theatre and Academy Topeka Kansas 8/2/2024 8/2/2024