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About Dramatic Publishing

In 1885, Charles Sergel, a journalist and a young man with a lifelong interest in theatre, founded The Dramatic Publishing Company in Chicago, Illinois. For five generations, the company has been committed to developing and serving the authors, artists and educators who comprise the world of theatre.

Our catalog includes musicals, full-length and one-act plays and high-quality theatrical books suitable for high-school, children's, professional and community theatre. We offer a spectrum of plays for every cast size, skill level and audience representing classic and contemporary works.

We embrace plays that ultimately challenge audiences, actors, producers, students and educators to examine their beliefs on controversial topics like bullying, prejudice, racial issues, poverty, religion and cultural differences.

We pride ourselves on offering a level of personalized service and support to our customers and authors that surpasses the industry standard.

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We also believe it is important to Play It Forward and support both our local community and arts programs nationwide. In 2017, we donated more than 800 pounds of food to our local food pantry as part of our annual holiday food drive. After every conference, we give away all unsold scripts to schools in the conference's host city. Keep an eye out for the Play It Forward logo on our social media pages to see what we're doing to give back!