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The Face Is a Canvas: The Design and Technique of Theatrical Makeup

The Face Is a Canvas: The Design and Technique of Theatrical Makeup


  • Author(s) By Irene Corey.
  • Product Type Book
  • Product Code FC1000
  • ISBN(13) 9780876020319
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Irene Corey's designs have influenced the world of theatre with mosaic saints, mischievous Reynards and winning Tortoises. From her studio, she has written the first major work on makeup to be published in the last two decades. It is a revolutionary book. She treats the study of makeup as a creative art form. Her methods and techniques—clearly set forth for the student working from this practical guide beneath his makeup mirror—open new realms of inspiration for the makeup artist. From her private hoard of priceless pictures—photographs, illustrations, paintings—she shares more than 400, many in color. The beginner will find the makeup exercise progression unparalleled. It soothes initial fears and opens realms of delight in discovery and mastery. For the first time, a makeup book employs overlays to present a unique and logical illustration of the relation between makeup and the underlying skull and muscles. Corey lucidly traces the procedure of designing makeup from photographs. Another first is the unique presentation regarding makeup for complexions other than white. A world-honored designer, Corey approaches the face as if it were a canvas. She reinforces or ignores what nature has given. Her positive and direct style, her sense of humor, her remarkable assemblage of pictorial resources, her creative vision—all make this a refreshing contribution to the makeup textbook scene. It is a book with impressive endorsements by leading artists of the American theatre. Hardcover. 8 1/4 x 11 1/2—309 pages with overlays, more than 400 illustrations and photos, many in color.