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  1. The History Of Tom Jones

    The History Of Tom Jones

    Adapted by Dennis M. Maganza. Based on the novel The History Of Tom Jones.

    Product Code: HE2000

    • Farce
    • High School | College | Community | Professional
    • 8m., 8w., extras.

      Livestream and Record & Stream Rights Available

    • 120 min.
    Tom, the illegitimate ward of Squire Allworthy, is in love with his beautiful neighbor, Sophia. Although Sophia's father admires and envies Tom for his reputation as a brawling, womanizing, thieving daredevil, he wouldn't consider allowing his daughter to marry such a scoundrel. Instead, Sophia is betrothed to Blifil, Allworthy's sniveling heir. Since Tom is seduced by most of the women and nearly murdered by all of the men, it's not surprising to find him on the gallows at the end of this fast-paced comedy. Learn More
    $8.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $80/perf

    In Stock

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