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  1. Hamlet and Zombies! - HH7000

    Hamlet and Zombies!

    By Will Averill.

    Product Code: HH7000

    • Comedy
    • Middle School | High School | College and Adult | Family (all ages)
    • 5m., 2w., 13 to 33 either gender.
    • 45 min.
    Something is rotting in the state of Denmark, and Hamlet may be the only one who is on to it. With the help of Horatio and Laertes, Hamlet solves the mystery of his mother’s marriage to his uncle, observes his father’s transformation from king to zombie king, saves his love, Ophelia, and fends off both the Norwegians and the zombie hordes. This adaptation is perfect for those who are looking for a spooky retelling of one of the Bard’s classics with lots of fun and a little bite. Learn More
    $8.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $45/perf

    In Stock

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  2. Spark


    By Tom Arvetis.

    Product Code: S2T000

    • Drama
    • Middle School | High School | College and Adult | Family (all ages)
    • 6m., 4w., gender flexible.
    • 90 min.
    Pan is three days away from the most important exam of her life, and her friends, Jude and Farren, are counting on her. No more distractions or mistakes. Together they’re to compete in a dangerous virtual reality that pits them against a mysterious enemy and ultimately determines their rank in the community. Life in Sanctuary is too precarious not to be taken seriously. But when Pan encounters two young strangers who bring an inconceivable possibility to her community, she begins to question all she knows. Learn More
    $9.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $80/perf

    In Stock

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  3. Defamation


    By Todd Logan.

    Product Code: DH1000

    • Drama
    • Middle School | High School | College and Adult
    • 2m., 3w., 1 either gender.
    • 90 min.

    Defamation is a riveting courtroom drama that illuminates our common perceptions about race, religion and class. In this case, the plaintiff is Ms. Wade, a professional black woman from the South Side of Chicago. The defendant is Mr. Golden, a successful North Shore businessman who is Jewish. Following testimony from each side, the judge reveals that the audience will be the jury. Defamation challenges our preconceived notions about race, class, religion and even the law.

    Learn More
    $9.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $80/perf

    In Stock

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  4. Augusta and Noble

    Augusta and Noble

    By Carlos Murillo.

    Product Code: AL6000

    • Drama
    • Middle School | High School | College and Adult
    • 4 to 9m., 3 to 6w.
    • 85 min.
    Gabi, a 12-year-old girl who has lived her whole life amid a vibrant Latino community in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago, begins asking questions about her heritage. Told in English peppered with Spanish, this play for young audiences celebrates the rich history and resilience of the many immigrants who call Chicago home. Learn More
    $9.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $80/perf

    In Stock

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  5. Future, Here Cover FG1000

    Future, Here

    Product Code: FG1000

    • Drama
    • Middle School | High School | College and Adult | Family (all ages)
    • 5 either gender.
    • 40 min.
    Welcome to Future, an unincorporated village monitored by Society and populated by five randomly selected children. It is driven by a national effort to develop “appropriately adapted young citizens.” They are constantly fed a steady stream of news and pop culture on their smartphones and meet daily to share what they’ve learned. Having lived in Future for 12 years, the residents are now 18, and today is their last day together, their final meeting before they learn of their next residence outside of Future. Learn More
    $8.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $45/perf

    Out of stock

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