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  1. Straight


    By Scott Elmegreen and Drew Fornarola.

    Product Code: S2J000

    • Comedy | Drama
    • College and Adult | Senior Adults
    • 2m., 1w.
    • 90 min.
    Meet Ben. Ben is a 26-year-old investment banker. Ben likes beer, sports and Emily … and Chris. Straight is a provocative new play that deals with fidelity, sexuality and identity in “post-equality” America. Funny, sad, sexy and surprising, this three-character drama takes a hard look at the moral complex of a generation that prides itself on the pretense of acceptance. Learn More
    $10.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $100/perf

    In Stock

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  2. Yasmina's Necklace Cover Y36000

    Yasmina's Necklace

    By Rohina Malik.

    Product Code: Y36000

    • Comedy | Drama
    • High School | College and Adult | Family (all ages)
    • 5m., 2w.
    • 110 min.
    Meet Abdul Samee: his father is Iraqi, and his mother is Puerto Rican—but if you ask him, he’ll say he’s Italian. Longing to shed his cultural identity, he changes his name to Sam, marries an American and does everything in his power to turn his back on his heritage. But when Sam meets Yasmina, a beautiful woman from his father’s homeland, he begins to learn that a tree without roots cannot stand for long. Learn More
    $9.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $80/perf

    In Stock

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  3. AACT Vol. 3 Cover


    By Michael Cochran.

    Product Code: E94000

    • Comedy
    • High School | College and Adult | Senior Adults | Praise Groups
    • 5 to 6m., 4 to 5w.
    • 90 min.
    Abe, an angel of death, decides to move a client appointment in favor of getting an ice cream sandwich. The only problem is that his “appointments” are to greet the newly deceased and take them to the next stop. Things quickly spiral out of control when Abe’s repeated attempts to “bump off” his delayed appointment fails, and the real threat of a new “unauthorized life” will occur unless Abe gets everything back on track. A surprise visit from the boss helps Abe rediscover the real meaning of life and death. Learn More
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  4. Lone Star Spirits

    Lone Star Spirits

    By Josh Tobiessen.

    Product Code: LL8000

    • Comedy
    • College and Adult | Senior Adults
    • 3m., 2w.
    • 80 min.
    Marley is hoping for a quick trip home to the town where she grew up, but she and her fiancé are in for more than they bargained for. Upon entering her estranged father’s liquor store, she’s immediately set upon by her ex-boyfriend who’s looking to relight their romance. Then there’s the former classmate looking to drag Marley into a two-woman bachelorette party. By the time Marley finally manages to reveal to her father the real reason for her visit, things are further complicated by the ghost of the bear-wrestling pioneer who used to live in the store. Learn More
    $9.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $80/perf

    In Stock

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  5. Girls' Weekend

    Girls' Weekend

    By Karen Schaeffer.

    Product Code: GD6000

    • Comedy | Farce
    • College and Adult
    • 4m., 4w.
    • 90 min.
    Dot, Carol, Meg and Ellie travel to Dot's Northwoods cabin for a girls' weekend. Unknown to one another, Carol, Meg and Ellie each have a man hiding outside with a special porchlight signal planned for them to enter. The only obstacle is Dot, so they make sure they ply her with plenty of party favors, and Dot proceeds to pass out. The chaos comes to a head when Dot wakes up and discovers her girls' weekend is full of men! Learn More
    $9.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $80/perf

    In Stock

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  6. lower case

    lower case

    By Stephen Enersen.

    Product Code: LL9000

    • Comedy
    • College and Adult
    • 2m., 2w.
    • 90 min.
    This romantic comedy wrestles with the miseries of the mid-life, recycled dating scene. George bets his meddling sister that he'll solve his dating problems by "hiring" a mistress. To avoid losing the bet, he pays a theatre student to play the role. As chaos ensues, they come to appreciate each other’s odd yet strangely sensible takes on life and relationships. Learn More
    $9.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $80/perf

    In Stock

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  7. D.O.A.


    By Elizabeth Lovelady. Based on the screenplay by Russel Rouse and Clarence Greene.

    Product Code: DG2000

    • Drama | Melodrama
    • High School | College and Adult
    • 5 to 12m., 4 to 9w.
    • 60 min.
    In this adaptation of the 1950s classic noir film, Frank Bigelow walks into a police station to report a murder: his own. After a wild night of drinking at jazz clubs with sexy women, he wakes feeling ill and learns he has been poisoned. With only hours left to live, Bigelow frantically searches for his killer and the reason he was targeted. Will the killer be brought to justice? Learn More
    $9.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $80/perf

    In Stock

    Learn More
  8. Delirium's Daughters

    Delirium's Daughters

    By Nicholas Korn.

    Product Code: DF8000

    • Comedy | Farce
    • High School | College and Adult | Family (all ages)
    • 5m., 3w.
    • 75 min.

    When four suitors arrive to ask for the hands of Signor Di Lirio's three lovely daughters, the old gentleman agrees, as long as they have the approval of their mother. And that's where the problems begin—the old man's wife died three years ago, and he has gone so mad with grief that he still believes she is alive. Before all is done, the four men are forced to dress up as their own mothers!

    Learn More
    $9.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $80/perf

    In Stock

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  9. A Second Chance

    A Second Chance

    Book, music and lyrics by Ted Shen.

    Product Code: S2C000

    • Drama | Melodrama
    • High School | College and Adult | Senior Adults
    • 1m., 1w.
    • 80 min.
    Recent widower, Dan, and divorcee, Jenna, meet mid-life and mid-crisis. Their painful pasts cause them both to feel undeserving of happiness. But as their relationship turns to romance, they overcome fears of the past and present to accept a second chance at life and happiness. Learn More
    $8.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $80/perf

    In Stock

    Learn More
  10. Ordinary Time

    Ordinary Time

    By Thomas W. Rieser.

    Product Code: OA3000

    • Comedy | Drama
    • College and Adult | Senior Adults
    • 5w.
    • 100 min.
    When her husband dies, May and her three sisters agree to gather once a month for Sunday dinner. Everyone brings something to the table, from green bean casserole to potato salad, from self-righteousness to deep grief. Reproach, loneliness and bitterness surface, culminating in one of those memorable family arguments that changes the course of personalities and relationships. Learn More
    $9.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $80/perf

    In Stock

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