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One Act Competition Winners

Tried-and-true, these judge-favorites have won countless competitions at the local, regional and national levels.
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Approx. Run Time (minutes)
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Total Cast Size
4 50 4 to 50
Female Cast Members
1 12 1 to 12
Male Cast Members
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  1. Flowers For Algernon One-Act Cover F28000

    Flowers for Algernon

    Adapted by David Rogers. From the classic novel by Daniel Keyes.

    Product Code: F28000

    • Drama
    • Middle School | High School | College
    • 4m., 1w. (one of the male roles may be played by a woman.)
    • 35 min.
    This is the approved one-act cutting of the compelling story of Charlie, a mentally retarded man, and the strange interweaving of his life with that of Algernon, a mouse. Experimental surgery has been performed on Algernon increasing his intelligence fourfold. The operation is tried on Charlie, whose intelligence rapidly increases to that of a genius. As Charlie approaches the peak of his brilliance, Algernon shows frightening symptoms of regression. The play becomes a race against time in which Charlie tries to keep his new intelligence long enough to save himself. Learn More
    $10.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $55/perf

    In Stock

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  2. 1984 Cover N15000


    Adapted by Robert Owens, Wilton E. Hall Jr. and William A. Miles Jr. From the novel by George Orwell.

    Product Code: N15000

    • Drama
    • Middle School | High School | College | Community
    • 14 actors.

      No Livestream Rights Available

    • 95 min.

    This authorized stage adaptation is true to the novel in which Orwell depicts with great power the horrors of man's fate in a society where Big Brother is always watching—where everything that is not prohibited is compulsory. As your cast presents the play, you will be participating in a theatrical event that is both powerful and disturbingly provocative.

    Learn More
    $11.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $110/perf

    In Stock

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