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  1. The Tale of La Llorona as Told by Consuelo Chavez TX5000

    The Tale of La Llorona as Told by Consuelo Chavez

    Product Code: TX5000

    • Comedy | Drama
    • Middle School | High School | Community | TYA
    • 2m., 3w., 1 to 2 any gender.

      Livestream and Record & Stream Rights Available

    • 35 min.
    A group of lifelong friends who are also eighth graders prepare for what they believe is their final time celebrating Halloween together. Unfortunately, the weather is undermining their trick-or-treating plans. The friends reveal they are afraid that going to high school will break up their group. As a distraction, they begin to tell scary stories. When one story becomes more real than imagined, they realize the experiences they’ve shared connect them all together, and they are determined to remain friends for life. Learn More
    $10.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $55/perf

    In Stock

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  2. jj's place J77000

    jj's place

    By José Casas.

    Product Code: J77000

    • Drama
    • Middle School | High School | College | Community | TYA
    • 3m., 1w.

      Livestream and Record & Stream Rights Available

    • 60 min.
    Mario is a hardworking, struggling auto mechanic in East LA who is left to raise his son, JJ, after the passing of his mother. In order to honor her memory and cope with his lack of connection with his father, JJ begins to build machines and arcade games out of leftover cardboard from his dad’s handyman shop. It is through JJ’s imagination and ingenuity that he is able to connect to himself, his family, and his community. In the end, father and son come to an understanding as they look toward a brighter future together. Learn More
    $10.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $90/perf

    In Stock

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  3. Girls in the Boat GE7000

    Girls in the Boat

    By Alice Austen.

    Product Code: GE7000

    • Drama
    • Middle School | High School | College | Community | Professional
    • 2m., 9w.

      Limited Streaming Rights Available

    • 90 min.
    Girls in the Boat was inspired by the true stories of the U.S. women’s Olympic rowing team. A group of smart, fiery young women fight discrimination and prejudice to compete in the male-dominated sport of rowing. Against the rhythm of their oars, these women forge bonds and overcome disagreements in their search for greatness and remind us of what we can all do if we have a common purpose. As our heroines break barriers of race and gender, their team goes on to become the most winning sports team in American history. Learn More
    $10.95 /script

    Min. Royalty Rate: $90/perf

    Out of stock

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