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Stagecraft 1 (teacher's guide)

Stagecraft 1 (teacher's guide)


  • Author(s) By William H. Lord.
  • Product Type Teacher's Guide
  • Product Code SF7000
  • ISBN(13) 9781566080668
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Here is the updated teacher's guide (with accompanying CD) for the revised third edition of Stagecraft 1. Material has been added to cover the history of the physical theatre, the operation of various backstage crews, and new items that have come on the scene since the original publication. Lord presents an overview of the total backstage function, offering the stagecraft student the major technical elements of staff responsibility, properties, sound, scenery and lighting. The 20 chapters of the textbook contain numerous illustrations, more than 400 index/glossary terms and a bibliography of books, periodicals and manufacturers. 8 1/2 x 11—67 pages plus puzzle answers, loose leaf, three-hole punched. Includes accompanying CD.