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Six adaptations of dystopian novels to read right now.

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  • ----cover1984.jpg1984 This powerful and disturbingly provocative adaptation depicts with great power the horrors of man's fate in a society where Big Brother is always watching--where everything that is not prohibited is compulsory.

  • ----coverbravenewworld.jpgBrave New World The play is set in the future where mindless happiness is universal, where babies are not born but decanted from bottles, where human frustrations are eliminated by happiness drugs. Into this society comes John, a sensitive, human throwback.

  • ----covergiverg91.jpgThe Giver Jonas' world is perfect. Everything is under control and safe. There is no war or fear or pain. There are also no choices. When Jonas is chosen to receive special training from The Giver, he learns the truth about life and the hypocrisy of his utopian world.

  • ----coverfahrenheit451.jpgFahrenheit 451 For years, Montag has worked as a civil servant burning books, but lately he has become increasingly unsure about what he is doing. Now he must choose between continuing his nonexistent existence and risking everything for the right to think.

  • ----coverlottery.jpgThe Lottery The inhabitants of a small town assemble to hold their annual lottery. Which family will it be this time? Which member? The play swiftly increases in intensity as the audience realizes that "winning" this lottery is a death sentence.

  • ----covergatheringbluegd1.jpgGathering Blue In an apocalyptic future, Kira learns the truth about the powers controlling her world. She is a gifted weaver, and under their custody, Kira is made to mend a garment that tells the history of the world. Can she use her art to reshape the future?


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