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    Dramatic Publishing
      Linda Habjan, Submissions Editor
      311 Washington St.
      Woodstock, IL 60098
      Ph: (800)448-7469 Fax: (800)334-5302

      E-mail your questions to the submissions editor

Due to the large number of scripts we receive, our current response time is 4 to 6 months. Unless we have requested additional manuscripts from you, please submit only one or two at a time. More than that causes backups for everyone. Please use the following guidelines when submitting a script:

  • Scripts should be typed neatly and clearly reproduced (do not send us your only copy). Standard playwriting format is preferred but not required. In this format, character headings are centered above the line in capital letters, lines are 1.5 spaced, and stage directions are indented and single-spaced.
  • We do not accept e-mailed submissions.
  • All pages must be numbered. Always send a properly bound script. Do not send loose pages or pages held together with an elastic band or paperclip.
  • Include your name, address, and phone number on the title page of the play.
  • Include a cast list with specific character descriptions, assignment of male/female roles, and total cast/doubling. Also include the set/technical requirements.
  • Include a synopsis of the play, its production history and/or photographs from productions, any relevant reviews, and any playwriting awards it has won. All plays must have had either a production or a staged reading to be considered for publication.
  • If your work is a play with music, include a cassette tape or CD and any written sheet music.
  • Please include a regular letter-size stamped envelope for our reply. We will not return any of the material submitted.
  • If your play is a musical or a play with music, include a cassette tape or CD and any additional sheet music you have.

    Should we wish to publish your musical, we will need the music that is in its final form, ready for publication and prepared as follows:
  • The Copy
    We will need a clean, clear piano arrangement. Please include chord symbols. If there is more than one line of music occurring on the same staff, please make sure that the line is clearly marked (this pertains mainly to vocal staffs). All songs must have tempo markings clearly indicated on the top staff near the cue. All cues starting the song must be noted at the beginning of the song with the person or persons singing also noted.
  • Instrumentation
    Please supply us with a table of contents indicating all parts and page numbers. All parts must include tempo markings, cues, bar numbers and chord symbols. Any extra instrumentation that is currently available should be extracted from the complete score and made available in separate books for each instrument.
  • Accompaniment CDs
    If your musical is to be performed with an accompaniment CD, please also provide a lead sheet (melody line and chord symbols) for use in rehearsal.
  • Referenced Music
    Any music that is referenced but not actually supplied for the show should be listed in production notes by author and title so that it may be located easily by production groups.
  • Public-Domain Pieces
    You must provide us with a copy of the music for any public-domain piece(s) that are played throughout the show. The music should be complete with melody and piano arrangement. Caution: arrangements of public-domain works are often copyrighted; therefore, the sheet music may not be in public domain. Be sure the arrangement you provide is not in copyright.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail our submissions editor (contact information at the top of this page).

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