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Are you interested in a musical but crunched for time? You can now listen to samples of some of our musicals online to assist you in your decision-making process. More samples will be available in the future. To listen, click one of the song titles below. (Note: Some of these files are large and may be slow to download on a dial-up connection.)

Adventures of Doctor Dolittle
Animal Choir
You Spoke With Me (complete)
Once I Saw a Giraffe Fly (complete)
Only One
In the Asking
Just Like Me (complete)
Yo Ho (complete)
Animal Choir Reprise (complete)

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
If I Were in Charge of the World
Lady, Lady
I Love Love Love My Brand New Baby Sister
The Lizzie Pitofsky Song
Mother Doesn't Want a Dog
The Sweetest of Nights and the Finest of Days

Alexander Who's Not Not Not Not Not Not Going to Move
Not Going to Move
Girls Can Do Anything
What Will They Say
They'll Make You
When I'm Big and They're Small
A Dog's Best Friend is Her Boy
And We Call It Home

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
The Kindergarten Song
Charles Boyer
The Stuff in the Sink
The Bench
Reflect the Light
Tomb With a View

Animal Farm
Beasts of England
Napoleon Rallies the Ranks
This Isn't What We Wanted
I See the Future
No Man, No Master
Sugarcandy Mountain
The Seven Commandments
The Green Flag
Twenty-Seven Ribbons
The Boulder Song
A Nothing Song
Determined Chorus

The Adventures of Beatrix Potter and Her Friends
Hilltop Farm
The Dream in My Heart
I'm Going to Market
I'm Naughty Peter - I Love Lettuce
The Right and Proper Thing to Do
Walk This Way

Babes in Toyland
Hail to Christmas
Never Mind Bo-Peep

That's the Dog
Why Not Me
Keep Running
This is My Story
Every Little Penny

Make the Fear Disappear
Like I Said
Fire Exit
Everybody Hates the Drummer Boy
Sweet Mushy Stuff
We Move With the Moon
Like I Said (Reprise)

Blind Lemon Blues
Midnight Special
Governor Neff Blues
Broke and Hungry Blues
Somebody's Calling My Name
Blood of Jesus
In the Midst of the Blues
Where Shall I Be
So Cold in Chicago
See That My Grave is Kept Clean (Reprise)
Match Box Blues
Deep Ellum Blues
Gossip Interlude
Elm Street Blues
If I Could Choo-Choo on an Eng
Indiana Harbor Blues
Got the Blues
Living in Darkness

Bullies in the Hall
Oh No, It's Flo
There For You

The Berenstain Bears on Stage
Two To Tango
I Could Scream
An Only Cub
Chicken, Chicken

The Bully
Gym Class is Evil
Call Me a Bully
On the Wrong Bus
At the Weltbottom School
We're Gong to See Mega
You're in Meg's World Now
I've Had as Much of Meg as I Can Take
Two to One
Gym Class Is Evil (Reprise)

A Christmas Carol
Ebenezer Scrooge
Lights of Christmas Past
For the Love of Him
Every Star

A Christmas Carol
Christmas Is
They're Gone!
Fizziwig Prelude / Dance With Me
God Bless Us
What Are You Doing 'Ere?
Christmas Morning

A Christmas Story, The Musical
A Major Award
Just Like That
Up On Santa's Lap
Before the Old Man Comes Home
Somewhere Hovering Over Indiana
A Christmas Story
Counting Down to Christmas
Red Ryder
The Genius on Cleveland Street
When You're a Wimp
Ralphie to the Rescue
What a Mother Does
Sticky Situation

A Country Christmas Carol
Marley Country Christmas
The Christmas Train
God Bless Us Every One
Count to Ten, Bobbie Jo
I Gave Myself a Bottle for Christmas
Housetop Boogie
We Three Kings
Angel Beside Me
A Golden Idol
Less is More

C'est la Vie
A Couple of Belles Coquettes
It's a Crazy World, N'est-ce Pas?
Say Je T'aime
You've Got to Be a Waif
Living in the Cinema

Cathy's Creek
Hearing Voices
Just Sign Your Name
One Girl
Playing to Win
Stay the Course
When You Know the Truth

Charlotte's Web
Nice to Meet You
Who Says We Can't Be Friends?
County Fair (Reprise)
You're You

Chasing George Washington:
White House Field Trip
George Washington Has Left His Frame
The White House Slide
Tiffany Epiphany
Pen and Ink
White House Field Trip Finale

Cheaper by the Dozen
The Housework Song
Old Enough To Know
Happy Broom
They've Got to Grow
The Happiest Time - Finale
The Teddies Tango
What Works in the Factory
People With Know How
On My Own
The Slicker Song
Hey, Angel
As Far As I Can See
Motion Study Two Step

Chocolate Soup
Chocolate Soup
A Little Bit of This
Making A Difference
Dance, Dance, Dance
All That Glitters

Christmas Bus
Riding on the Christmas Bus
We Love Ya, Frump
A Christmas Like This
Christmas Eve
Thinking of Home

A Fortune In Love (and Dance Music Act II)
The Plotting Song
Entr'acte Music (Think and it Happens)
Believe In You
Love (Believe Reprise)

Cinderella Eats Rice and Beans:
Fairytale Opening
In Your Shoes
Rosa's Rules
The Weekend
Ya Vino El Padrino
Ya Vino Finale

Circus Time!
Elephants Sometimes Forget
Your Own Beat
Make You Laugh
Farewell (Circus Time Reprise)

Civil War Voices
Aura Lee
Oh, Freedom
Steal Away
Amazing Grace
He's Gone Away
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?
Battle Hymn of the Republic

COLLEGE The Musical
Click, Smash!
We're Who I Am
You're Good Enough for Now
Generation Meh

Six O'Clock in the Morning
Does Anybody's Dream Come True
Lemon Meringue
Crazy for Percy
Calamity and Commotion
I Coulda Been a Cowboy
Marry An Older Man
The Girl I Might Have Been

The Christmas Doll
Grimstone Union
The Keeping Room
One Kiss for Love, One Kiss for Luck
I Get By
Morning Glory
It's a Cruel, Cruel World
Mrs. Thimblebee's Doll Shop
If I Were a Well Born Girl
If I Had a Present

The Coolest Cat in Town
Bite the Hand That Feeds You
The Coolest Cat in Town
Dick Clark
So What!
Don't Say Shoo-Be-Do-Bop Unless You Mean It
Miss Melinda
Suspended Animation
I Lost My Cool
The Bop Will Never Die
Let's Live It Over Again
Hula Hoop Song

Dorothy Meets Alice
Stay With Me
We Could Have Been Like Them
Perfect Together

Dot and Tot of Merryland
Adventure Waiting There
So That's What It's Like
All the World Is a Melody

The Daly News
The Daly News
In the Distance (I)
My Lucky Brothers
G.I. Wife (I)
There Will Come a Time
Berz, Bollerjack, & Daly
When You Come Home to Me
In the Distance (III)

The Day It Rained Forever
The Hotel
Joe Terle's Desert Inn

The Dream on Royal Street
Mardi Gras
The Course of True Love
Another Guy
I Don't Need You
Jazz Lullaby
With a Clear Head on Your Shoulders
Thief of Love

Einstein Is a Dummy
Planetary Opening
E = MC2
Don't Mess Up
Which Way is Up?
Elsa's Dance
Brownian Motion Limbo
Boring Ballad
Don't Mess Up (Reprise)
Twin Paradox
Ray of Light

Einstein Is a Dummy
Planetary Opening
Which Way is Up?
Elsa's Waltz
Brownian Motion Limbo
Boring Ballad
Ray of Light
E = MC2

Emperor's New Clothes (Coble version)
Little Iguana
Jasmine's Tune
He's Got Great Taste
These Clothes
The Emperor Has No Clothes

Fantastic Return of the Fabulous Fable Factory
The Fable Factory Flies
Seven Fabulous Parts
Ask the Porcupine
Sailing Far From Home Part I
Use It or Lose It
The Daydreaming Milkmaid
Your Time Will Come
Finale - The Fable Factory Flies

Fear of Filing
H&R Block Rock
They Know Who We Are
A Penny's Worth of Love
Many Happy Returns

Flavia and the Dream Maker
Not Unlike Myself
Mr. Moon
I Just Dance
Man of the House
Touch the Sky

Frida Libre
Paint Me A Picture
Arriba Frida
Los Huesos
Frida Libre
Arriba Alex
Paint Me A Picture - Finale

The Fabulous Fable Factory
Whoosh, Whoosh!
Will You Buy My Story?
You Have Definite Possibilities
The Time is Now
Reprise - (New)

The Fir Tree
A Gift to You
Wake Up Boy
Happy Tree
Freya's Prayer
The Birthday Song
The Best Part of the Holiday
The Story of Eggbert
The Larder

Good Morning, Athens
Prime Time - Prologue
The Vow
Good Morning Athens
A Brand New Me

H.M.S. Pinafore
We Sail the Ocean Blue
The Captain of the Pinafore
Ruler of the Queen's Navy
Things Are Seldom What They Seem
Ring the Merry Bells
The Merry Maiden and the Tar

Hallelujah Hopscotch
Dance of Joy
Dance of Obedience
Hallelujah Hopscotch Theme (2 arrangements)
Dance of Condemnation
Hallelujah Hopscotch Theme
Dance of Greeting
Dance of Joy (postlude)

Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates
Holland Is Home to Me
I Once Had a Son Like You
Holland Is Home to Me - Reprise
The Race
Gretl's Lullaby
When Father Used to Sing
One Thousand Guilders
On the Canal
Goose Girl
Goede Gunst
The Magic Bead

High School Confidential
High School
Teenage Brain
Gimme a Break
Ask Me to Dance

High School Intervention!
Babysitting Gig
Macho to Metro
When He Comes Along
Three Cheers for Sheldon

Hotel d'Amour
Hotel d'Amour
Seven-year Itch
Shoot First
Lo Siento, Lucienne
He Sells Insurance

The Happy Time
The Happy Time
The Life of the Party
Seeing Things
A Certain Girl
He's Back
Catch My Garter
Tomorrow Morning (1)
Please Stay
I Don't Remember You
St. Pierre
Without Me
Among My Yesterdays

The Hobbit
I, Gandalf
Mirkwood (reprise)
Close Your Eyes
I Want To Go Home

The Homecoming
Applesauce Cake
Pretty Little Baby - O Holy Night
Ashley Longworth
The Friendly Beasts
God Only Knows
Christmas Ev'ry Day of My Life
When I Grow Up
My Father, Clay Spencer
You Don't Understand
Let Tomorrow Take Care of Itself
Hard Times
Let's Have a Merry Christmas
Backwoods Robin Hood
Pool Hall Blues

The Hundred Dresses
Bright, Blue, Beautiful Day
Bounce Willie Bounce
Penny Paddywhack
The Hundred Dresses
Wanda Pentronski Is Missing
Never Do Nothing
Letter From Wanda

I Never Saw Another Butterfly (musical)
The Wedding Psalm
You Don't Know... Reprise
Goodbye - I Leave You These
We'll Stick Together
The Rules
Do the Best With What You've Got
Welcome Shabbot
You Don't Know...
When I Go Home
The Gift

I'm Sorry the Bridge Is Out, You'll Have to Spend the Night
I'm Sorry the Bridge is Out, You'll Have to Spend the Night
The Bride of Dracula
A Well Trained Brain (Reprise)
They Came Back
Play Your Hunch
A Well Trained Brain
All Eternity Blues
This Night
Somebody's Got To Do It
Please Don't Say You Love Me, Just Do It (I Love You)
The Things a Mother Goes Through
The Grunt Song

Follow a Travelling Star
It's Tough to be a King
No Room
A Child is Born
When Will I Go Home Again?

The Just So Stories
Elephant Entrance
I'm Gonna Rest, For the Rest of My Life
The Parsee
My Josephine
New Sound in the Jungle

A Kidsummer Night's Dream
Summer Nights
The Workers Song
It's Only Magic
The Fairy Lullaby
I Can Handle It

7 O'clock in the Morning
It Wasn't a Half-Bad Day
Horrible Day
Trip to the Moon
Where Did I Come From?
I'd Rather Be Right
Benj'min Harr'son
The Duel

Kids Say the Darndest Things
Kids Say the Darndest Things
Mind Your Manners
The Mystery of History
Tingles in My Heart
Give Us Wings

The Kid Who Ran for President
This Is My Country
Change the World
Lemonade Stand
Please Hold
Welcome to the Big House
Gonna Use My Voice

The Kingdom of Grimm
Goose on the Loose
The the Ends of the Earth
Doing My Best

Leaving Iowa
Preshow Music (1000 Miles to the Middle of Everywhere)
Ghost Caverns Chorus
Hannibal Music (for when they are in Hannibal, Mo.)
Civil War Music
End Theme Piano Music

Legend of Sleeping Beauty
Are You The Hope?
Will She Remember?
We Do What We Want
Bright and Shining

Little Women
The Violet
Polka - Part I
Polka - Part II
Thoughts Spoken
Amy's Continental Tour
Wedding Dance
Great River

Looking for Roberto Clemente
Opening Poem
Pits in Pittsburgh
Homerun, Grandslam Promise
Winning is a Ball
Baseball Funk
Diamond in the Rough

A Midnight Cry:
Up Above My Head - Life on the Plantation
Escape Instrumental
Keeley Instrumental
The Whipping - My Soul Wants Something New
Steal Away
The Chase - Lida's Escape
Deep River - The River Crossing
Go Ahead - Traveling North
Oh, Freedom - Hannah's Lullaby
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel? - Lida's Discovery

Madeline's Christmas
Something Isn't Right and Joy of the Season
Bonne Annee

Middle School Madness
Trouble Sleeping
Ice Cream
Mr Mucciolo
Yearbook Part 1
Yearbook Part 2
Good Things
Middle School Madness
Mr. Davie's Dictionary
Locker Love
Michael and Me
The Way I Am
Mall Song
The Ladies Who Serve Lunch

Gentlemen of Japan
A Wand'ring Minstrel
Lord High Executioner
I've Got a Little List
The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring
Act One Finale

Mississippi Pinocchio
On the River - America
He's Real

Monky Business
Monky Business
The Mohair Rag
The Bible is the Greatest Book on Earth
My Brother's Keeper

Monky Business II:
Are You Ready?
Back in the Sandals Again
Men in Brown
An "St." By My Name

Most Likely To: The Senior Superlative Musical
Most Likely to Survive
Welcome to the Best Years of My Life
Why Can't We Be Both?
All Hail the Drama Queens
Hero of Guitar
My Gift
Push Comes to Shove
Before Me Now

Mr. Chickee's Funny Money
Where Your Dreams Come to Life
Long Live the King
As Long As We Believe
Job For Us
That's How I'd Spend It

When You Know

My Night at Jacques
Couplets, "When I was just a girl in school"
Bolero, "Everyone knows when Pedro's coming"
Couplets, "This motley prism called the human organism"
Trio, "Babylas, Babylas, Babylas!"
Ensemble, "Here we are! Glad you waited!"
Trio Italien, "Italia la bella, where you needa no umbrella"
Finale, "Oh what a ravishing performance"

The Magical Piñata
Fiesta Opening
Las Mananitas
El Burro
Senor Chapulin
Parrot Rivera
The Monky Song
Dale! Dale! Dale!
Fiesta Finale

The Mummy Musical
Mythical Mystical Cairo
My Ancient Wonder of the World
The Mummy Musical / The Egyptian Rap
The Imagination Song

Narnia (musical)
Turkish Delight
Narnia (You Can't Imagine)
Wot a Bit a Spring Can Do
From the Inside Out
Catch Me If You Can

Narnia (touring musical)
Turkish Delight
Narnia (You Can't Imagine)
Wot a Bit a Spring Can Do
From the Inside Out
Catch Me If You Can

Ogre Here, Ogre There
Hooray! Hooray!
On My Way
Eine Klein Moat-Boat Music
The Interrupted Tango
I Need a Friend
The Broccoli Stomp

One Bad Apple
Just Six Days
Adam's Creation
You Are the Only One for Me
Poor Me
Go, Golden Cherubs
In Your Heart

One Magic Kiss: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Drop-Dead Gorgeous
Take a Bite
Break the Spell
One Magic Kiss
Give Us Happily Ever After
I'm Gonna Get That Girl
Roll Call
Act I Epilogue
My Handsome Prince
No Fear - No More

Look Out Across America
The Dance
Everybody's Got a Secret
Let Joy Begin
It Works for Me
Damn Straight and So Fine
I Know My Friends
Maddy's Song
Sad But True
It Gets Better

Pecos Bill
Headed West!
Take Us to the Pecos
Cattle Drive!
Tall Tale Bill
Sue's Song

Perseus Bayou
Perseus Bayou: The Search for the Cajun Medusa
Prologue (My Son)
Beginning of Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 3 (mid)
Scene 7 (Party)
Defend Yourself (scene 10)

Pirates of Penzance or The Slave of Duty
Pour the Pirate Sherry
Pirate King
Poor Wand'ring One
Recitative and Major General
A Policeman's Lot Is Not a Happy One

Places, Please
What Am I Doing Here?
Me the VIP
Particurly Affectionate
Can This Be Love?
A Lovely Love
The Theatre
On the Outside Always Looking In
Places, Please
Something's Bound to Turn Up

Rejoice And Be Glad
Our Moment In Time
Nothing More Or Less
With All Our Love
Be Glad!
Chocolate Fudge And Fig Cake
Did You Ever!
A Rainbow Bridge In Your Eyes
Did You Hear?
I Wouldn't A'Believed It!

Prairie Lights
Way Out Here
Birnbaum's Emporium
Far Away With Me
Momma, Good Morning
Sweet Holiday Light
If I Were a Maccabee

The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Something Stinks
Rat Song
Magic I Play

Quiltmaker's Gift
The Gifts I Share
I Don't Mean To Be Mean
A Very Lonely Day
The I Song

Blah-Blah Cha Cha
All For The Best
Let Don Quixote Sing
Don't Mean a Thing
Friday Knight
Skank Tango
I'll Be Okay
Mi Corazon
Let Dulcinea Sing

Redwall: The Legend of Redwall Abbey
Brothers of Redwall
Redwall Abbey
Cluny, the Scourge
Cluny! Cluny!
We Are Ready!
Whenever You See a Wrong
Song of the Shrews
Song of Asmodeus
I Apologize

Robin Hood: The Courtship of Allan A'Dale
The Tale of Allan A'Dale
Money for the Nunnery
Never Give Anything
I Would Marry
Finale and Bows

Rodeo Mongolia
Prezewalski Horse
Rodeo Mongolia
Equine Encephalitis
Those Days
The Proposal

Overture - A New Day Dawns
If I Knew Then
Gold at Your Fingers
Bright and Shiny Gold
The Ballad of Millie Hall
Broken Wings
Working Men
Seven Doors
I Wonder
I've Got News for You, Lady

The Reluctant Dragon
Off to the Fight
Choices (reprise)
Three Voices
Make Believe
This Dragon's Got to Go
Arrange It
More Stories
Arrange It (reprise)
Dragon Song

Sara Crewe
Diamonds Underground
You Will Be Inside My Heart
Lovely Manners
Until Then
The Work Song
She's Still Pretending
Sunset On the Square
Let's Have a Party
In the Street

Shake, Rattle and Rot
Shake, Rattle and Rot
Already Gone
The Silly Things We Do For Love
One of a Kind
If You Believe

Showdown at the Sugar Cane Saloon
The Sugar Cane Saloon
A Little Bit Ordinary
Fruit Salad
The Villan's Song
The Showdown

Learn to Love
What Can You Do With a Shrew?
To the Lure of Lira
Wooing (dialogue)
I Wonder
The Lack of Your Lovin'

Sing Down the Moon:
Opening Song
Jack and the Wonder Bean
Jack's First Job
The Sow and Her Three Pigs
Jack and King Marock
The Enchanted Tree

Sleeping Beauty
Are You The Hope?
Will She Remember?
We Do What We Want
Bright and Shining

Sleeping Beauty: The Time-Traveler
Am I Awake?
D in Social Studies
Aurora's Song
Old Enough to Know
Pretty Dreams
A Piece of Wood
What If?
I'm Wide Awake

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Love Song - Envious
The Queen's Nature Song
Run Princess, Run
The Mine Song
Every Deed You Do
Cool, Carefree and Confident
It Was All a Dream
The Funeral

Soup du Jour
The Scoop on the Soup
Mr. Chaplin Wait Your Turn
The Wedding Toast
In Love With Kate
A Lovely Scandal Makes a Lovely Day
What Women Get Ya

Spellbound: A Musical Play on Words
Hope and Glory
Stanger Things Have Happened
Rebels Without A Clue
Ghost of GH

Stuart Little
Feed Him Up
West 72nd Street
Stuart Little
Nighttime in New York

Not Me
The Girl Next Door
Ready or Not
Walkin' to School
Everything Must Go

Mr. Sunshine
Make a Joyful Noise
Sunshine's Transition
Get Out Your Parasol
The Auction
The Rain Song
Let Me Come Back/Finale

The Secret Garden
Selections Featuring the Robin

The Singin' Cowboy
Five Minutes Till Midnight
When Do They Open the Saloon?
Take It From an Expert
Plenty of Trouble on the Range
I'm Gonna Cook for You
Any Place the Long Trail Goes
Sidesaddle Sal
A Beautiful Day for a Hangin'
One-Two-Three Shoot
The Swingin' Singin' Cowboy Life
Three Little Prairie Flowers

The Souls of the Sea
The Souls of the Sea (various music samples)
We are Waiting
East of the Sunrise
The Souls of the Sea
I Remember
My Fisherman
The Always Ready Team
If Ever
Not With Ya' Hands
Fishermen's Wives
The Bella Figlia

'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Dear Saint Nicholas
Peaceful Night
Sugar Plum Fairy Dance
What a Merry Night
'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Teen Brain: The Musical
Make It Through Today
SFX: Hospital Sounds
SFX: Car Accelerating, Crash, Siren
Like Me, Like Me
Work In Progress
Get Our Story Straight
When I Was Small
SFX: Teacher (á la Charlie Brown) 1
SFX: Teacher (á la Charlie Brown) 2
SFX: Teacher (á la Charlie Brown) 3
SFX: Teacher (á la Charlie Brown) 4

The Third Wave Musical
School Is
For the First Time
Devil in Heaven
Mr. Jones Blues
No Conclusions
The Whomp
A Moving Parable
Fire in the Girls Bathroom
There Is a Moment

The Truth About Cinderella
A Princess for the Prince
The Clumsy Waltz
Find the Foot
Help Stamp Out Dirt
The Truth About Cinderella
At Any Age At All
A New Kind of Girl
Big Night of the Year
At the Palace Tonight
Ready for You

Totally RED!
RED The Musical
Who I Am Inside
You Have a Wonderful Smile
I Have a Hunch That We're Gonna Do

Twelve Dancing Princesses
Until the Cows Come Home
Roll Call
Shoes Blues
If He Would Dance With Me
Dance Your Life Away

Gonna Be Famous
Fly and Caterpillar
U Bug Me
Bad News
The Cockroach Jam
Not Alone
The Centipede Song
New Attitude

Uh-Oh, Here Comes Christmas
Wind-Up Toys
Uh-Oh, Here Comes Christmas

A Village Fable
A Village In a Valley
Let's Eat
Dance Through the Night
He'll Slay Dragons
Spar! Defend! Guard! Proceed!
Up to the Moon
No Shoes
It Tastes Like
Hello Shoes - No Shoes
I'm Going Crazy

A Village Fable
A Village In a Valley
Let's Eat
Dance Through the Night
He'll Slay Dragons
Spar! Defend! Guard! Proceed!
Up to the Moon
No Shoes
It Tastes Like
Hello Shoes - No Shoes
I'm Going Crazy

The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip
Overture (Sunrise) (Instrumental)
Dear Capable

The Wind in the Willows
The Wind in the Willows
There Is a Wide World
Down With the Toad
My Home
When the Toad Came Home

The Wind in the Willows
Sighing Softly to the River
Climing Over Rocky Mountains
The World Has Held Great Heroes
Here's a How-d'ye-do
Notorious Toad
A Policeman's Lot
In the Hands of Weasals
With Cat-like Tread

The Witch and the Magic Mountain
Robber Song
The Song of the Sea
The Magic Mountain
Nitwit's Song
White Bird
Tell Me a Story

What's a Wolf to Do?
What's a Wolf to Do?
Wolfie's Decision
Granny's Adventure
Wolfie's Redemption
Lovely Day - Finale

Yearbook: The High School Musical
Yearbook Prologue
Three Friends
I'm In Charge of My Life
Mrs. Johnson
The Best Years of Our Lives

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