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Klondike Kalamity
Klondike Kalamity
By Gary Peterson and David Byrne.

Cast: 6m., 3w. (1 bear's arm.) The Great Yukon Blizzard of 1888 sets the scene for this hilarious romp over the fields of melodramatics. Included in the cast are: the fair and lovely maiden; the poor, crusty, but honest freelance lumberjack; the stalwart and heroic Mountie—and a villain you will simply love to loathe! Add to their ranks a snow-blinded Indian, a flapjack-filching bruin and one befuddled lass who keeps forgetting her identity (not to mention her sex!), and you have a madcap farce in the finest and funniest tradition of the melodrama. Will Fangduster T. Barrelbottom get away with his unmentionably nefarious scheme? Can our true-blue hero ever hope to clear his foully besmirched name? Is there a chance that the heroine may escape the sawmill blade? One int. set.

The authors of Klondike Kalamity have requested that the Confederate flag not be displayed when performing their play. When the play was written in 1978, the controversy surrounding the Confederate flag today did not exist, and such controversy has no place in the light comedy that is this play.

Warren's background as a retired Confederate soldier was merely used to flesh out his character and give justification for the quick camaraderie between him and the villain, Fangduster. Fortunately, the entire backstory may be omitted easily.

In addition to removing the flag, please make the following script changes:

1. Truncate WARREN's first line on page 14 and again on page 18 after his phrase " … poor but honest free-lance lumberjack."

2. On page 18, delete the three-line exchange between the VILLAIN and WARREN that immediately follows the phrase, and butt WARREN's two lines together, so that it flows thusly: " … poor but honest free-lance lumberjack, and this is my lovely but spinster daughter, Nellie Oudt … "

3. Change the top lines of page 20 so that it reads: VILLAIN (weakly). Oh, nothing … nothing … Just an old injury I endured ages ago. It comes and go-O-Ohhh's! And such a pity that Farley injured his leg whilst undertaking this treacherous trek tonight.

4. Delete WARREN's line on page 38: "And a Yankee to boot!"

5. Finally, please change the word "redskin" to "Indian" throughout the play. It appears on pages 42, 43 and 58. Actually, it might by comical for FANGDUSTER to say "Native American," at least on page 43.
Play details
Status:  In Stock
Type of show:  Full-Length
Catalog Code:  K18
Cast Size:  9
No. of Act(s):  3
Pages:  67
Royalty:  $80.00 /perf.*
Cost:  $9.95
Approx. Running Time:  85 min.
Target Audience: Middle School | High School | College and Adult | Family (All Audiences)
Performing Group: High Schools | College Theatre | Community Theatre
Genre: Comedy | Melodrama
ISBN (10): 0871295725
Rights & Availability
This title can be licensed/sold throughout the world
* Please note that royalties quoted in our catalog are intended for K-12 schools with a standard curriculum only. All other producing groups must submit a completed application.

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