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Indiscretions (Les Parents Terribles)
Indiscretions (Les Parents Terribles)
"Fifty-six years after its Parisian premiere, Jean Cocteau's portrait of a bourgeois French family in sexual disarray has lost little of its capacity to astonish …" —Evening Standard

"Cocteau wrote the piece in eight opium-sozzled days, and it has an atmosphere all of its own … Four years earlier, he tackled the Oedipus story … In Les Parents Terribles he returns to the theme of incest, but this time the diseased love is infecting a bourgeois family in 1930s Paris and provides the basis for a bruising melodrama. Yet, in Jeremy Sam's sparky new translation, even when emotion rises to its most torrid climaxes, you often catch yourself laughing." —Daily Telegraph

"In Sam's witty translation, the play comes across as a piece of self-sustaining irony that owes as much to Feydeau as to classical tragidy … like a camp version of Oedipus Rex." —Guardian
By Jean Cocteau. Translated by Jeremy Sams.

Cast: 2m., 3w. Introduced by Simon Callow, this new translation of Les Parents Terribles is published alongside the 1994 Royal National Theatre produciton. "Truly wicked fun … Yvonne, George and Leonie, respectively the semi-invalid mother, mad inventor father, and austere auntie of Michael, a rambunctious young man, all share a chaotic Paris flat together as well as some unsavory affections. Yvonne is totally consumed with her handsome son, who expresses his reciprocal fondness … Icy Leonie still burns for George, who jilted her for Yvonne. As far as George, well, Yvonne's neglect has forced him to look elsewhere for comfort. The dirty laundry starts to fly when Michael reveals he wants to marry a charming girl named Madeline. Even as Yvonne storms about in a green-eyed fury, George discovers that Michael's intended is his own secret mistress. Cuckolded by his unaware son, George enlists Leonie's aid in quashing the match … How's that for a first act? And there're two more crazyhouse acts to go before Indiscretions careens to its conclusion. Think of Indiscretions as a French bon-bon laced with forbidden goodies, not the least of which is the perverse hilarity of Jeremy Sams' translation." (The Star Ledger) Two int. sets.

Play details
Status:  Backordered
Type of show:  Full-Length
Catalog Code:  I55
Cast Size:  5
No. of Act(s):  3
Pages:  72
Royalty:  $80.00 /perf.*
Cost:  $9.95
Approx. Running Time:  90 min.
Target Audience: College and Adult
Performing Group: College Theatre | Community Theatre | Stock & Lort
Genre: Comedy | Drama
ISBN (10): 1854592564
Jean Cocteau (1889-1963) published his first collection of poems at the age of twenty and went on to produce work in a wide variety of other genres: paintings, drawings, set designs, novels, libretti, essays, choreography and autobiography, as well as plays and films. His early associates and collaborators included Diaghilev, Stravinsky and Nijinsky; Picasso, Satie and Massine, with whom he ...More
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