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Frankenstein Unbound (Another Monster Musical)
Frankenstein Unbound (Another Monster Musical)
Book, music, and lyrics by Sheldon Allman and Bobby Pickett.

Cast: 13m., 6w. Conceived and written as a (stand-alone) sequel to I'm Sorry The Bridge Is Out, You'll Have To Spend The Night, this musical answers the question, "What would happen if Dr. Frankenstein, after an eternity of being foiled at the last minute, finally achieved his goal and transferred the boy's brain into the Monster's body, the Monster's brain into Igor's body, and Igor's brain into the boy's body?" What happens is that Frankenstein creates, as he always expected to, a Superman. The creation, as the brilliant, handsome, charismatic, powerful, wealthy Johnny Monster, establishes an international seminar program to teach the benefits of the philosophy of "Change Your Mind, Change Your Life." He creates a conglomerate in which Count Dracula becomes an international banker; his wife, Natasha becomes the world's greatest rock star (with the Draculettes singing backup); the Wolfman becomes the world's premier fashion designer; and Igor becomes C.E.O. of the "Frank 'n' Stein," a hot dog and beer fast food franchise. On the eve of a 200-city seminar tour, disaster strikes. The bodies begin rejecting the brains. Dr. Frankenstein has no alternative. He must reverse the operation and put everyone back the way they were. The writers bring a wry, funny approach to the horror genre. You'll have fun with the set, costumes and staging of the 14 musical numbers. One int. set. Approximate Running Time: 1 hour, 40 minutes.

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I'm Sorry the Bridge Is Out, You'll Have to Spend the Night (prequel)

Play details
Status:  In Stock
Type of show:  Musical
Catalog Code:  F08
Cast Size:  19
No. of Act(s):  2
Pages:  68
Royalty:  Submit Application.
Cost:  $9.95
Approx. Running Time:  100 min.
Target Audience: Middle School | High School | College and Adult
Performing Group: High Schools | College Theatre | Community Theatre | Stock & Lort
ISBN (10): 0871296004
Actor, singer, writer, composer and lyricist, Sheldon Allman (1924-2001) had feature and co-starring roles in more than 20 major motion pictures (including Hud, The Sons of Katie Elder and In Cold Blood), and 120 television episodes (including Gunsmoke, Bonanza, and The Untouchables). He also performed in over 1,000 commercials on and off camera. As a composer/lyricist he wrote the theme ...More
Bob Pickett is most famous for his classic novelty hit song, "Monster Mash," which he co-wrote and has been performing since 1962. He has become the Guy Lombardo of Halloween and the recording itself has become the national anthem of that fun holiday. As an actor his credits include television, theatre and several obscure, low-budget films with titles such as ...More
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