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35 in 10: Thirty-Five Ten-Minute Plays
35 in 10: Thirty-Five Ten-Minute Plays
Compiled and edited by Kent R. Brown. Written by Cass Brayton, Kent R. Brown, Domenick Vincent Danza, Lisa Dillman, Bathsheba Doran, Jeanette D. Farr, Catherine Filloux, David Fleisher, Gregory Fletcher, Nancy Gall-Clayton, Megan Gogerty, Mark Guarino, Jay D. Hanagan, Frank Higgins, Caleen Sinnette Jennings, Julie Jensen, Janet Kenney, Barbara Lindsay, David MacGregor, Michele Markarian, Cherisse Montgomery, Brett Neveu, Edward Pomerantz, Bruce Post, Monica Raymond, Rebecca Ritchie, David Rush, Mark Smith-Soto, Lisa Soland, Donna Spector, Wanda Strukus, Jules Tasca, Jerry Thompson, Christopher Wall, Kathleen Warnock

 This exciting collection explores the complex worlds inhabited by amusing, passionate, quirky, obsessive, fallible and sometimes frightening characters. Featuring roles for 80 talented actors, the plays range in style from farce to tragedy, from lighthearted romance to the darker dimensions of the human heart. Representative titles: Dumpster Dan, Classyass, Cheating Death, A Mustache and a Mattress, Chiaroscuro, Stuffed, 18 Holes, DUMBO, Buying a Brassiere, Double Mandible, Rocks in the Bed, Short-Term Affairs, Rumple Schmumple and Film Noir. Audiences and performers will find the plays compelling and intriguing. Teachers will find this volume especially useful in their acting, directing and playwriting classes.

Double Mandible (2w.) by Julie Jensen—a comedy of two sisters coming to terms with the pressures of competing in the daunting world of synchronized swimming, Commissioned by Salt Lake Acting Company; the play premiered on a bill with ten other short plays by Utah writers as part of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, 2002.

Classyass (2m., 1w.) by Caleen Sinnette Jennings—a comedy about a naive college DJ who gets more than he bargains for when Big B arrives from the downtown women's shelter to discuss the complexities of classical music and social responsibility. Premiered in 2002 at Actors Theatre of Louisville's Humana Festival of New American Plays, and co-winner of the 2002 Heideman Award.

A Mustache and A Mattress (1m, 1w.) by Nancy Gall-Clayton—a comedy about a woman seeking a mattress and a man who wants to sell a mattress, and about what might happen next. Premiered in 2001 by Love Creek Productions, New York City.

Jumpers and Spinners (2m.) by Bruce Post — a comedy about two laborers on lunch break who contemplate the forces of nature and the foibles of man while discussing the habits of killer spiders. First heard in 1996 at the Westbeth Theatre, New York City.

Film Noir (1m., 1w.) by Bathsheba Doran—a comic send up of lust and intrigue set against a shadowy film noir backdrop of lamp posts and sultry looks. Premiered in 2004 by Point B at New York City's Blue Heron Arts Centre as part of "States of Undress: An Evening of Ten-Minute Bedroom Plays."

Chiaroscuro (2w.) by Lisa Dillman—a comic drama about a mother and daughter, both intelligent and inquisitive, as they deal with the mother's diminished mental capacities. Commissioned, and premiered in 1998, by Chicago's Rivendell Theatre Ensemble for its ten-minute play festival "Mommapalooza: Short Takes on Mom." It was a finalist of the 1999 Actors Theatre of Louisville National Ten-Minute Play Contest.

A Change of Pace (1m., 1w.) by Edward Pomerantz—a comedy about a husband and wife, married a considerable number of years, who confess one night in bed that they have been unfaithful, or have they? Appeared in Ms Magazine in 1974; premiered in 1985 at the Déjà vu Playhouse in Hollywood, California.

Ma in Her Kerchief (2w.) by Janet Kenney—a drama about a strong willed mother-in-law, suffering from cancer, as she works out the territorial implications of living in her daughter-in-law's household. Co-winner of 2004 Boston Theatre Marathon.

18 Holes (2m.) by David MacGregor—a comedy of two men who discuss their lives and wives while strolling through 18 holes of golf. Premiered in 2003 as part of Hearlande Theatre Company's "Play-By-Play" festival held at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan; voted "Audience Favorite" of the 2003 Barebones Theatre Group's 3rd Annual 15-Minute Play Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Coffee Break (1m., 1w.) by Jerry Thompson—a comedy about an older painter and his single-mother assistant as they come to terms with aging and its impact on their working relationship. Premiered in 2003 by the Provincetown Theatre Company.

The Sasmann Aesthetic (1m., 1w.) by Jules Tasca—a comedy about a male patient and his female psychiatrist who navigate the titillating waters of fetishism and romance. Premiered in 2000 by American Playwrights Theater, Inc. at the John Houseman Theatre in New York City.

Buying a Brassiere (2w.) by Rebecca Ritchie—a comedy about a woman seeking to buy a special prosthesis to accommodate her special situation. Premiered in 2000 at the Alleyway Theatre in Buffalo, New York as part of Pandora's Box Theatre Company's "Escaping the Box" festival; finalist of the 2001 Actors Theatre of Louisville National Ten-Minute Play Contest.

Stairway to Heaven (1m., 1w.) by Gregory Fletcher—a drama of a sister and her brother as they consider the life they'll lead after the recentdeath of their father. Premiered by Manhattan Theatre Source in 2004; winner of the 2004 Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival National Ten-Minute Play Award

Playtime (2w.) by Kent R. Brown—a drama about a single mother and her precocious runaway daughter who meet at midnight in a playground to see how much they still love each other. Co-winner of the 2004 Boston Marathon; co- winner of the 2004 "Short & NEAT Play Festival," sponsored by the New England Academy of Theatre, New Haven, Connecticut.

Partial Post (1m., 1w.) by Mark Guarino—a drama of an obsessed married man who is compelled to write letters to a former lover in front of his wife. Premiered in 1997 by the Curious Theatre Branch in Chicago.

DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) (2m.) by Wanda Strukus—a comedy about two hit men, long-time business associates, who meet under a bridge to settle the score. Premiered in 1997 by Actors and Playwrights Initiative Theater in Kalamazoo, Michigan; co-winner of the "Off-I-94" festival co-sponsored by Actors and Playwrights Initiative of Kalamazoo and the Chicago Alliance for Playwrights.

An Earthquake (1m., 1w.) by Lisa Soland—a comedy of how an earthquake in Hollywood, California shakes up the lives of prospective lovers. Premiered in 1992 at the Chandler Theatre in North Hollywood, California by The Faculty Actor/Playwright Company as part of an original works festival entitled "Words, Words! Words!"

Creche (2w.) by Monica Raymond—a drama about two teenage girls and newborn baby placed in a papier-mâché creche in a busy shopping mall on Christmas Eve. Pemiered in 2002 by Boston Playwrights Platform.

Short-Term Affairs (1m., 1w.) by Donna Spector—a comedy of a man who goes to the Bureau of Short-Term Affairs and gets exactly what he needs. Premiered in 2001 by Actors on the Verge in New York City; finalist ofhe 2003 Actors Theatre of Louisville National Ten-Minute Play Contest; co-winner ofhe Palm Springs National Short Play Fest.

Rumple Schmumple (1m., 1w.) by Megan Gogerty—a comedy about an eager queen more than willing to give up her child to the fiendish Rumplestiltskin. Premiered in 2003 at Dad's Garage Theatre Company in Atlanta, Georgia; finalist of the 2003 Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival National Ten-Minute Play Festival; received a 2003 Angle Productions Ten-Minute Play Award.

Stuffed (1m., 1w.) by Jeanette D. Farr—a drama of two emotionally stunted people, one a teenage girl, the other an older man, who share unusual and disturbing secrets. Premiered in 1999 at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, in the Paul Harris Theater.

Dumpster Dan (2m.) by Christopher Wall—a comedy of how a father and son, living in Dumpsters in the alley behind their home, come to terms with a death in their family. Premiered in 2003 at the First Look Theatre Company's Festival of New Works in New York City; winner of the SlamBoston! Ten-Minute Play Competition.

Rocks in the Bed (2m., 1w.) by Kathleen Warnock—a drama about an estranged son and his half-brother who visit the home of their deceased father and learn of the influence he had on the lives of total strangers. Premiered in 2003 by En Avant Playwrights at Hunter College in New York City.

Bodhisattva by Lagoon (multiple.) by Cass Brayton—a drama about how a gay community responds to the death of young gay man. Premiered in 2004 by Actors Theatre in Santa Rosa, California as part of "Quickies: A Festival of Short New Plays."

Converting (2m.) by Catherine Filloux—a comedy about two older men and how their perception of ageing has influenced their relationship. Premiered in 1995 by Women's Project & Productions in New York City.

Defrosting (2m.) by Domenick Vincent Danza—a comedy about two long-time friends, one recently divorced, who gather to eat all the food in a defrosting refrigerator. Premiered in 2002 by Chicago Dramatists as part of the Ten-Minute Workshop Festival.

The Late Afternoon (Around 3:45 or So) Before Christmas (2m.) by Brett Neveu—a comedy about a man who seeks an audience with Santa Clause who definitely knows whether he has been naughty or nice. Premiered in 2001 by The MehaDome Theatre at Frankie J's on Broadway in Chicago as part of "A Triple XXXmas Special: 3 Xmas Plays, 3 Playwrights, 3 Directors."

Lillian Goes to the Mirror (1m., 1w.) by Cherisse Montgomery—a drama about how her experience with breast cancer enriches the life and poetry of a young woman and her husband. Pemiered in 2004 at the Mae West Fest in Seattle, Washington.

Grunions (1m., 1w.) by Barbara Lindsay—a comic drama about a married couple struggling to invigorate a marriage that has lost its sense of adventure. Premiered in 1988 at Theater/Theatre in Hollywood, California as part of the Golden West Playwright's "Epiphany Plays"; finalist of the 1989 Actors Theatre of Louisville National Ten-Minute Play Contest.

Trio (3m.) by Mark Smith-Soto—a drama of two soldiers and a prisoner of war locked in a timeless battle of life and death. Premiered at Theatre Orange of the Arts Center of Carrboro/Chapel Hill as one of the winners of the 2003 "Ten by Ten in the Triangle" Competition.

Cheating Death (2m., 1w.) by Frank Higgins—a comedy of a woman who thinks she is getting the better deal when bargaining with Death. Premiered in 2003 by Atlantis Playmakers in Billerica, Massachusetts.

I'll Fly Away (1m., 1w.) by David Rush—a drama of a loving granddaughter and her confused grandfather as they wait in a valley for the arrival of aliens from outer space.

Phoning It In (1m., 1w.) by Michele Markarian—a comedy about life and love in the interrupting world of cell-phoning. Premiered in 2003 at the Piano Factory in Boston, Massachusetts as part of Devanaughn Theatre's "1st Annual Dragonfly Festival."

4-1-1 (1m., 1w.) by David Fleisher—a comedy about a desperate caller seeking the telephone number of a psychiatrist and the less-than-helpful operator who assists him. Premiered in 1996 in New York City by Expanded Arts as part of its "Bread and Circuses Festival of New Plays."

Let me Count the Ways (1m., 1w., male voice.) by Jay D. Hanagan—a comedy about two young lovers and their extraordinary anticipation of a kiss. Premiered in 2002 by Gatesinger Company, Ltd in Pultneyville, New York.

This play contains strong language and sexual references.
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Status:  In Stock
Type of show:  Anthology
Catalog Code:  TF4
Royalty:  $80.00 /perf.*
Cost:  $29.95
Target Audience: High School | College and Adult
Performing Group: High Schools | College Theatre | Community Theatre | Stock & Lort
ISBN (10): 1583422838
Publication Date: 09/30/2005
Kent R. Brown is a director, editor and playwright whose works have been produced throughout Canada, Belgium, The Netherlands, Australia and the United States. American venues include People's Light & Theatre Company, Walnut Street Theatre, Greenbrier Valley Theatre, Orlando Repertory, BoarsHead Theater, West Coast Ensemble, Boston Theatre Works, Moving Arts, The Side Project and Pulse Ensemble. Titles include Two Beers ...More
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