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Best Student One Acts: Volume 6
Best Student One Acts: Volume 6
Edited by Lauren Friesen. Written by Rian Jairell, Shawn Overton, Bernari Poulten, Nicholas Seeley, Jason Stuart, Joseph Waechter, Jennifer Wills and Nick Woods.

 This collection presents the winners of the 2000 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival one-act play competition. 6x9—333 pages.

Sid and Elsie by Bernari Poulten. Sid and Elsie are television actors, writers and comedians during the McCarthy era. Sid writes a show that forces the network to cancel the series, and, eventually, he is forced to appear before McCarthy's Senate committee.

A Bomber's Love Story by Nicholas Seeley. Ted Powell was the most dangerous man in America. Now he is in prison, at the mercy of a justice system spiraling out of control. But his greatest punishment lies not in the power of the sadistic warden, but in the hands of one woman, who will engage him in a deadly mind game in which the only stakes left are their souls.

Moving Day by Jennifer Wills. A surrealistic tragicomedy that centers around the love affair between Donnie, a coffee table in his parent's living room and Wanda, his parent's dog. The play is full of colorful characters that exist in a slightly altered reality. The live and love but are never able to truly know one another.

Dragon Flies by Joseph Waechter. Evan Wilkes is not your average fourth-grader. In a world where "Barbies are sacrificed every day," Evan manipulates other people's dull lives to match his own surreal fantasies and dreams. A dark comedy of mature themes, this play examines the difficulties and absurdities of growing up in a not-so-normal family.

Bereft by Nick Woods. Bereft explores the relationship of two men serving time for hate crimes - Wilson for killing a man in a gay bar and Lou for raping a girl at a party. Forcing them to reevaluate their lives is Oliver, a black prison guard who openly brutalizes Lou in front of Wilson.

Through a Glass Onion by Jason Stuart. The portrait of a young man returning to the war zone of his family following his sister's suicide attempt. During his visit, he uncovers the truth behind years of deceit and must finally deal with himself and the demons of his family.

The Luckiest Girl in the World by Rian Jairell. This play is an unembellished glimpse into the conflict that occurs within and between desperate individuals. The story is a blunt approach to the people that we, as a society, do not want to acknowledge and the dementia found beneath our culture.

The Night No One Died by Shawn Overton. Kissinger Well, master detective and unparalleled genius, has been solving a murder every Friday night for 20 years. When invited to the home of Brevity Witt for a night of dinner and fine wine, all the elements for a classic night of murder seem to be in place, but when the victim shows up without getting killed, it gives Kissinger something he's never had: a motive. A classic murder mystery that ends up being much more.

Play details
Status:  In Stock
Type of show:  Anthology*One-Act
Catalog Code:  B94
Royalty:  $80.00 /perf.*
Cost:  $24.95
Target Audience: College and Adult
Performing Group: High Schools | College Theatre
ISBN (10): 1583420428
Publication Date: 03/08/2001
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This title can be licensed/sold throughout the world
* Please note that royalties quoted in our catalog are intended for K-12 schools with a standard curriculum only. All other producing groups must submit a completed application.

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