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Perseus Bayou (cast recording CD)
Conceived by Mary Hall Surface and David Maddox. Written by Mary Hall Surface. Lyrics by Mary Hall Surface and David Maddox. Music by David Maddox. Recording produced by David Maddox, Mary Hall Surface and Bob Dawson.

 Like all heroic myths, Perseus Bayou is the story of a young man's journey into the unknown. He faces trials, confronts deepest darkness but finally returns a better young man to right the wrongs he has left behind. Just as the ancient Greeks lived in times of uncertainty and chaotic transformation, the Louisianna bayou in this musical suffers in the aftermath of America's Civil War. Fortunes have been lost and won, greed prevails, cultures collide and nature itself is filled with the dangers of the swamp. But into this world a boy is born—half mortal, half divine—who must grow up to confront this chaos and renew the world. As in the Greek myth, Percy becomes a hero once he learns to embrace the values on which a new moral and just world can be built.

Enjoy this award-winning 2 CD set—hear the entire show!

Part 1: The Adventure Begins (Tracks 1—6) (16:57)

1. Overture: A Cajun Dance (0:56)
2. Prologue: Time Was, Long While Ago (3:07)
3. Danae's Lullaby: Sleep on Babe (1:04)
4. Hermes and Athean spar for Perseus (1:59)
5. Meet Doucet: Down to the Bayou (2:17)
6. Percy grows up: The Family Song
Part 2: Percy is challenged (Tracks 7—9) (8:08)
7. Enter the evil Polydectes (3:02)
8. The Gator-Men (1:50)
9. Doucet is drowned (3:16)

Part 3: Percy makes a mistake and sets out to fix it (Tracks 10—12) (12:13)
10. The Trap: Je Suis Pour Toi (4:14)
11. Percy meete Miss Athena and sets out (3:24)
12. Percy meets Panther Hermes (4:35)

Part 4: Percy meets the love of his life and the Grey Sisters, too (Tracks 13—15) (18:53)
13. Percy meets Andromeda: The Sword Song (6:24)
14. Les Fantomes Gris: The Eye! (5:38)
15. Hermes tricks Andy and Percy: The Lost Song (6:51)

Part 5: Percy succeeds and comes home (Tracks 16—21) (18:21)
16. Cassiopeia and Beaucepheus (2:08)
17. Percy is challenged to continue his quest (4:09)
18. The Medusa: Look at Me (3:12)
19. Attack of the Giant Gator (3:20)
20. Percy returns (3:30)
21. Finale: C'est Bien

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