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Royalty Notification

All performances before an audience are subject to royalty. Royalty prices quoted are intended for K-12 schools with a standard curriculum only. The school must purchase a cast quantity of scripts, provide performance information, submit a completed application (if royalties are not quoted), and make arrangements for rental materials when required. All other producing groups MUST submit a completed royalty application, purchase a cast quantity of scripts, obtain written permission, and make arrangements for rental materials when required. Federal law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized alteration, reproduction, distribution, or exhibition of copyrighted materials. Photocopying of materials is strictly prohibited. Performance rights are subject to restriction and availability limitations. No one is authorized to quote or receive royalties for our plays other than ourselves and our representatives in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

Billing and Credit Requirements: All producers of the Play must give credit to the Author(s) of the Play in all programs distributed in connection with performances of the Play and in all instances in which the title of the Play appears for purposes of advertising, publicizing or otherwise exploiting the Play and/or a production. The name of the Author(s) must also appear on a separate line, on which no other name appears, immediately following the title, and must appear in size of type not less than fifty percent the size of the title type. On all programs this notice should appear:

"Produced by special arrangement with

Rental Information

Rental and perusal materials are the property of Dramatic Publishing. Ultimately, all rented/perused materials MUST be returned to our office.

Perusal Scores: One perusal copy of the piano score may be examined for 10 days by an organization possessing no more than a single reading script. Any perusal score not returned by the due date specified on the invoice will be subject to replacement and late fees of note less than $50.00.

Rented Scores: A $100.00* security deposit is required under the following conditions: if a cast quantity of scripts has been purchased; if the individual requesting the perusal score is not affiliated with a school/organization; if the perusal score is kept for eventual production. Once the deposit has been paid, you may use the music for up to 10 weeks prior to your first performance. (Longer rental periods are available upon request for an additional fee.) The music scores must be returned upon completion of your production. If piano and vocals only are used, the rental fee may be reduced. Any music rental package not returned by the due date on the invoice will be subject to a replacement fee of not less than $750.00.

Accompaniment Tapes/CDs (not available on every title): A $100.00* security deposit is required prior to shipping. The tape/CD must be returned upon completion of your production or the end of your perusal period.

Audition Tapes/CDs (not available on every title): A security deposit is required prior to shipping. Tapes/CDs are on loan for 10 days.

All shipping and handling fees are paid by the customer.

Returning rented/perused materials: Items MUST be returned via insured shipping method. Consult the front of the invoice for the insured value and due date.

Merchandise, shipping, and handling costs are due in 30 days.

Royalty and Rental Fees are due 10 days prior to your first performance. If you need a paid receipt for competition, remit your royalty check 30 days prior to your first performance.

Security Deposits are due before music scores, accompaniment tapes, or audition tapes can be shipped.

Accounts deemed past due by the publisher will be subject to penalties and late fees.

Terms for video, broadcast, or professional productions, when available, are on application.

All merchandise sales are final. No returns are accepted. Plays cannot be sent on approval. All prices are in U.S. dollars.

*Unless otherwise specified.