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We are thrilled to announce our representation of selected works from Patricia Whitton Forrest's New Plays catalog

Nothing can match theatre as a way of sharing stories—not just myth and legend and children's literature but stories about real people (Galileo and Phillis Wheatley, for example) and family stories. Stories from the past, retold for today. Stories about our present, even about our future.

Plays for Children and Family Audiences

The New Plays brand of plays and musicals are crafted from children's literature, folklore and fairy tales and the bright imaginings of some of our best playwrights, including Joanna Halpert Kraus, Max Bush, Flora Atkin, Jennifer Fell Hayes and more. With their expandable casts, non-gender specific roles and large cast sizes to fit the needs of any drama troupe, their plays will delight youngsters from kindergarten through the fifth or sixth grade. For a complete list of the plays and musicals now available in our catalog, click here.

The Books and Teaching Guides

Whether you are a theatre specialist, teacher, or arts-in-education student, this collection of books will go straight from the drama shelf into your classroom or after-school program, providing you with new ideas and techniques. New Plays books give you the tools to help young people draw on the riches of art (Dutch Theatre for Children, Puppet Heroes from Around the World), history (Teaching About the Holocaust Through Drama), literature (Play with Shakespeare) and self expression through writing stories about themselves and sharing ideas with one another (Bringing the Word Alive). For a complete list of the books and teaching guides now available in our catalog, click here.


What People Are Saying

“Once again, our school has benefited from a great script. Not only were we able to present a wonderful play that the audience loved, but the experience of seeing Cinderella in a different culture allowed us to learn more about our world and the people who make up our community.”
—Lyle Johnson, Drama Director, A.E. Peacock Collegiate, Moosejaw, Saskatchewan

“Tom Ballmer's Buried Treasure is fun. It's funny. I like these kids; I want to join their club and hang out with them. They make me laugh. I like their innocence, I understand their temptations, I applaud their struggles to do the right things, and I want to go with them on their grand adventure. Ballmer writes knowingly about a difficult age group, giving his characters charm, energy and humanity.”
—Max Bush, playwright

Secrets claims no heroes nor indicts any villains but simply looks at real people dealing with real problems—people who will make you laugh, cry and think and who, ultimately, will attest to the resiliency of young people.”
—Walter Hill, Artistic Director, Flint Youth Theatre, Flint, Mich.

“I bought a copy of The Fisherman and His Wife at SETC this past spring and it turned out to be a wonderful production. The audience participation was overwhelming. We hade to mike the actors so they could be heard over the “wind” and “sea.” It was also a simple show to produce but was very effective in its simplicity.”
—Becki David Bradford, Drama Club Faculty Advisor, Chattanooga State, Chattanooga, Tenn.

“If you ever find yourself in the Folkwood, don’t steal the May apples.  And don’t play games with the Other Folks.  They’ll happily break your bones. Folkwood is a modern-day fairy tale, written by a 20th-century shaman. This play is a must-read for anyone who cares about the field of children’s theater.  If you do pick the script up, BE VERY CAREFUL– you won’t be able to put it down, and then you might be forced to produce it!  Stebens Children’s Theatre audiences were bewitched by Folkwood.”
—Tom Ballmer, Director Stebens Children’s Theatre, Mason City, Iowa

“My fifth grade performed ... Same But Different this week to rave reviews [for] our entire lower school, plus a few middle and upper [classes.] The play prompted many wonderful discussions among teachers and students, and the parents were delighted. All in all, this was a truly terrific experience for all involved.”
—Susan F. LaPalombara, The Episcopal Academy, Merion, Pa.

“This delightful fantasy mesmerized our audiences. It was a real challenge directing all its different paths, but its very unpredictability made for incredibly satisfying results.” (A Stone That Sings)
—Vivian Snipes, director

“The play provided us a style of theatre that allows actors freedom to create individual characters ... the outcome was really beautiful work. It’s the perfect middle-school play.” (Way's End)
—Sally Chambers, guidance counselor, Collegiate School, Richmond, Va.

“The book’s advice about the practical aspects of tabletop theater—workshops and professional production—is extraordinarily rich and informed by the author’s extensive practice in the field and estimable success. Fong and Kaplin are talented and innovative puppeteers whose skills and energies are rare in today’s world of puppet theater, and Theatre on a Tabletop is a valuable addition to our knowledge of puppet theater in the 21st century.”(Theatre on a Tabletop: Puppetry for Small Spaces)
—John Bell, Professor, Emerson College, Boston, Mass.

“This book is a rich resource for drama specialists planning class and workshops for education majors and classroom teachers. A wealth of relevant techniques and theory.  Bravo!”  (Teaching Teachers to Use Drama)
—Dr. Rosalind Wilder, RDT/BCT Teacher, author and educational consultant, Gallatin School, N.Y.U., New York.

“In reaching to the past to help us find a future, Jonathan Levy provides a philosophical foundation for the work of playwrights, directors and producers at the same time he provides practical, specific suggestions. This book has as much to say to the professional theatre practitioner as it does to the student, teacher and researcher.” (A Theatre of the Imagination: Reflections on Children and the Theatre)
—Suzan Zeder, Playwright

“Here is an important contribution from one of children’s theatre’s most profound thinkers. And he articulates these thoughts, concerns and observations in such a way that we can all perceive his deep love for the art form and his sincere faith that we can, with effort, make it an art form worthy of its intended audience.” (A Theatre of the Imagination: Reflections on Children and the Theatre)
—Jed H. Davis, Professor Emeritus University of Kansas, Kansas City.