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Are you looking for sound effects for your show? We have converted our Stage Sounds Series so you can pick and choose your effects to create your own customized CD. The sound effects are available in a smaller MP3 format and a larger WAV file-self-extracting zip file. If you can't find the sound you're looking for, you can try the A1 Free Sound Effects website. To listen,click one of the sound effects listed below. (Some of these files are large and may be slow to download on a dial-up connection.)

Barking Terrier(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Cows(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Lion Roaring(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Rooster, 3 Crows(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Seagulls(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Tawny Owl(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Door Open and Close(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Dorothy Meets Alice
1 - Voices and Laughter(MP3 file)  
2 - Fanfare Voice Drumroll(MP3 file)  
3 - Drumroll Fanfare(MP3 file)  
4 - Offstage Voices Queen and Witch(MP3 file)  
5 - Alarm Clock and Mother(MP3 file)  
All Effects in WAV format  (WAV File)
Telephone Rings, 3 (80's corded phone)(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Ticking Clock, Manual Wind to Ring(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Toilet Flush(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Mosquito(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Renaissance Fair Music(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Natural Earth
Seawash(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Waterfall(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Wind Tunnel(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Baby Crying(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Cheering and Whistling(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Footsteps With Echo(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Woman's Scream With Echos(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Car Door Open Passenger in Door Close(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
City Traffic and Noise(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
English Ambulance Approach(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Plane Flying Overhead(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Train Approach and Pass By(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Arrows Into Wood (3)(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Explosion(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Gunfire, Not Automatic(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Gunshots, 2 Sets of 2(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Eerie Winds(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Rain in the City(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Rain in the Woods(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Rain on Metal Shelter(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Slow Rain(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Snowstorm(MP3 file)  (WAV File)
Steady Spring Rain(MP3 file)  (WAV File)

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