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Duet Scenes and Audition Material

Duet scenes make the audition process easier. Anthologies with scenes from many of the plays we publish are available along with anthologies with original scenes.

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 Product Name   Price   Code   Type   Cast   Add To Cart 
 Adult American Males   $24.95  A92 One-Act 4 Buy Now 
 After the Beep: Seven Short Plays   $10.95  A76 Anthology 6 Buy Now 
 All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten   $10.95  A78 Musical 5 Buy Now 
 The Amazing Powers of Eli Frankle   $8.95  O564 One-Act 2 Buy Now 
 Back Story   $9.95  B98 Full Length 2 Buy Now 
 Bank Withdrawal   $8.95  O562 One-Act 2 Buy Now 
 The Bench   $10.95  IB27 One-Act 4 Buy Now 
 The Best of Broadway   $9.95  B04 Musical Flexible Buy Now 
 Best Student One Acts: Volume 4   $24.95  B85 Anthology Flexible Buy Now 
 Best Student One Acts: Volume 5   $24.95  B89 Anthology Flexible Buy Now 
 Best Student One Acts: Volume 6   $24.95  B94 Anthology Flexible Buy Now 
 Best Student One Acts: Volume 7   $24.95  BA6 Anthology Flexible Buy Now 
 The Birthday of the Infanta   $9.95  B701 One-Act 11 Buy Now 
 Boo! Thirteen Scenes From Halloween   $10.95  B77 Anthology Flexible Buy Now 
 Broken Hearts   $9.95  B70 Anthology Flexible Buy Now 
 Cats and Bats   $10.95  P903 One-Act 4 Buy Now 
 Choices   $8.95  C81 Full Length Flexible Buy Now 
 Christmas Attitudes   $8.95  CK9 Anthology Flexible Buy Now 
 Cinderella: The World's Favorite Fairy Tale   $10.95  CF8 Anthology 10 Buy Now 
 Classroom Scenes and Monologues   $24.95  CC2 Anthology Flexible Buy Now 
 Confessions of Women From East L.A.   $9.95  CA1 Full Length 4 Buy Now 
 Credit Check: A Collection of Short Plays   $10.95  CN2 Anthology 24 Buy Now 
 Crown of Dew   $10.95  IB29 One-Act 5 Buy Now 
 Deep Blue Funk   $7.95  D62 One-Act 5 Buy Now 
 Detective Sketches and Other Short Plays   $9.95  D23 Anthology 7 Buy Now 
 The Devoted Friend   $9.95  B702 One-Act 11 Buy Now 
 The Door   $7.95  D99 One-Act 3 Buy Now 
 Easy Skits, Blackouts and Pantomimes   $9.95  E10 Anthology Flexible Buy Now 
 EAT (It's Not About Food)   $10.95  E53 Full Length 14 Buy Now 
 Echoes   $8.95  E25 Full Length 2 Buy Now 
 Elvis People   $9.95  E54 Full Length Flexible Buy Now 
 Encounter   $7.95  E23 One-Act 2 Buy Now 
 Everybody's Christmas Programs   $4.95  E19 Full Length Flexible Buy Now 
 The Fabulous Fable Factory (musical)   $10.95  F01 Musical 9 Buy Now 
 Faces of Freedom   $9.95  F81 Full Length 10 Buy Now 
 Fairy Tale Mail   $8.95  O5612 One-Act 4 Buy Now 
 Fire Works!   $8.95  F72 Anthology 4 Buy Now 
 Future Mail   $8.95  O5610 One-Act 2 Buy Now 
 Glimpses   $8.95  G40 Full Length 8 Buy Now 
 Good Morning, Athens   $8.95  G07 Musical 20 Buy Now 
 A Grand Entrance: Scenes and Monologues for Mature Actors   $24.95  G68 Anthology Flexible Buy Now 
 Grandmother Tales   $9.95  G89 Anthology 10 Buy Now 
 The Great Alphabet Robbery   $10.95  P904 One-Act 32 Buy Now 
 Gustav Again   $10.95  IB211 One-Act 5 Buy Now 
 Gustav Is Always Right   $10.95  IB23 One-Act 6 Buy Now 
 Hamlet (The Telegram Version)   $8.95  O5611 One-Act 2 Buy Now 
 The Happy Holidays Collection: Seven Christmas Comedies for Children   $10.95  H44 Anthology Flexible Buy Now 
 The Happy Prince   $9.95  B703 One-Act 11 Buy Now 
 I Saved a Winter Just for You   $8.95  I41 Full Length 8 Buy Now 
 Impromptu Entertainments   $9.95  I19 Anthology Flexible Buy Now 
 In Sight   $8.95  I42 Full Length 9 Buy Now 
 In Space   $7.95  I69 Musical Flexible Buy Now 
 Inns and Outs   $9.95  I72 One-Act 8 Buy Now 
 Inside Out-Upside Down (manuscript)   $39.95  I43 Full Length 6 Buy Now 
 It's What's for Dinner and Other Short Comedies   $7.95  ID9 Anthology 5 Buy Now 
 Junior High School One-Act Comedies   $7.95  J13 Anthology Flexible Buy Now 
 The Kangaroo and the Ostrich   $10.95  IB212 One-Act 6 Buy Now 
 Kiddledywinks!   $8.95  K02 Musical 7 Buy Now 
 The Last Touchy-Feely Drama on the American Stage (and Other Plays)   $10.95  L97 Anthology 9 Buy Now 
 Laughing Once More   $8.95  L52 Full Length 9 Buy Now 
 Lockers   $10.95  L99 Full Length Flexible Buy Now 
 Love, Death and the Prom   $10.95  L69 Full Length 8 Buy Now 
 Lover Boy and Other Plays   $8.95  LB1 Anthology 2 Buy Now 
 Men on the Verge of a His-panic Breakdown   $8.95  MB5 Full Length 1 Buy Now 
 Most Likely To: The Senior Superlative Monologues   $9.95  MP4 Full Length Flexible Buy Now 
 The Needle   $10.95  IB210 One-Act 3 Buy Now 
 New Monologues for Mature Actors   $19.95  N44 Anthology Flexible Buy Now 
 No TV   $10.95  P902 One-Act 8 Buy Now 
 Oh, If I Could But Shiver!   $10.95  IB26 One-Act 6 Buy Now 
 On Time   $7.95  O05 Musical Flexible Buy Now 
 Opened Mail   $8.95  O56 Anthology 4 Buy Now 
 Original Middle School Scenes and Monologues   $19.95  O97 Anthology Flexible Buy Now 
 Papyrus Found on Mount Ararat   $8.95  O569 One-Act 2 Buy Now 
 Pen Pals   $8.95  O565 One-Act 2 Buy Now 
 Pets!   $8.95  P87 Musical 5 Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 75 (of 110 products) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>]